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Parkrose School District, Pos. 2

Term: 2-year unexpired term ending June 30, 2019Salary: UnpaidThe School Board is the policy-making body of the school district. It is responsible for providing an education program for students living within the District. To accomplish its role, the Board:Determines the long-range direction of the District Establishes policies that direct the instructional and support programs Employs and evaluates the Superintendent Communicates with the community Negotiates with employee groups to determine salaries and benefits Calls elections on bond proposals Approves the annual budget
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Significant policy changes in public education are being considered at the federal and state level. Describe a change that you agree or disagree with and explain your position.

What do you think are the top three equity issues in the district and how will you address them?

What principles will you apply to evaluating recommendations from the superintendent with regard to which programs to reduce in a time of constrained funding?

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Qualifications: Experienced leader in negotiations, performance reviews, budgets, and HR issues. Participated in Parkrose committees including: Superintendent's advisory council, PTO at Shaver, Sacramento and Middle/High Schools, Appreciative inquiry & Music Booster
House bill 3141 Physical education, passed in 2007, which requires physical education for all students K-8. While I agree completely with this policy we need the state to fund this mandate. It is imperative that we address the obesity issue and do this starting with young children. It I s required to be in place by the 2017-18 school year. We do not have the funds needed to meet its requirements. This is an example of another feel good measure that was passed and Government failed to fund.

In Parkrose great work has been done surrounding equity, but there is more work to do.The top three issues are: 1.Special education. Parkrose is an inclusion district which is an amazing thing. However due to the funding issues we face teachers do not have the support and resources they need.

2.Racial disparity in disciplinary actions. We need to continue to develop Restorative Justice.

3. Racial inequities in the achievement gap. We need to encourage more family involvement.
Currently the Superintendent considers programming to be operational and not within the purview of the board, this must change.

Educational excellence: What effect will the change have on student success? What other options exist? What program will get the funds and why? Equity: Does the change recommended put barriers in the way of students? Sutainability: Will we be able to continue to fund the changes recommended? Safety: Does the change effect student or staff safety?
Campaign Phone: (503) 206-6090
Qualifications: Parkrose school district resident for 9 years. Appointed to Parkrose School Board in March 2016.
The current Sec. of Ed supports the use of public funds to private schools/voucher systems. I do not agree with this potential change in policy. In my opinion, a quality public education is the foundational social contract in our country. A quality public education provides all students with the opportunity to change their circumstances, to reach their dreams. Until recent years it seemed this social contract was largely intact. I am and will continue to be an advocate for quality schools.
Top three equity issues in the district are achievement gaps and discipline disparities by racial subgroups, and the role of implicit bias in affecting students and outcomes. In addition to continuing to support the implementation and use of the Equity Lens and Equity Committee I will continue to support Restorative Practice, an approach used throughout Parkrose schools that helps students make positive changes in their behavior while considering their impact to the community.
I will use evidence-based decision making. I will ask the superintendent about the anticipated costs and benefits of each proposed cut, not just the dollar value, but what is the impact of this program reduction to the whole child/student? I will ask for context to better understand the rationale. Why the proposed reduction to this program? What are the specifics about students and student groups impacted? How does this cut impact our ability to provide a quality education to all students? logo


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