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Multnomah Education Service District Pos. 4, Zone 4

Term: 4 yearsSalary: UnpaidThe primary purpose of the Multnomah Education Service District is to furnish services which support state and local efforts to provide an equitable and excellent education for each student, in collaboration with the entity providing education services.In fulfillment of this purpose, the Board of the Multnomah Education Service District will establish policy, employ staff and dedicate resources to achieve the following goals:1. To assist the education provider in fulfilling state and federal mandates requiring appropriate educational and related services for students with disabilities;2. To assist the education provider in fulfilling local, state or federal requirements and/or needs for alternatives to the regular school or special instruction for specified students;3. To assist the education provider in the development, improvement and/or support of their programs of instruction;4. To assist the education provider in meeting local and state requirements and/or needs for: a. Program assessment; b. Student academic, psychological and other assessment and identification; c. Student attendance; and d. Student mental and physical health.5. To assist the education provider in their efficient and effective operation;6. To assist the State Board of Education in providing state level services, to deliver essential support services to the component districts so that they meet state standards and comply with state laws and to respond to component district needs;7. To assist in achieving inter-organizational cooperation and coordination of health care, social services, employment training with component districts and child and youth-serving organizations;8. To maintain a client-centered agency by using varied and flexible service deliveries and by giving component districts the opportunity to participate in decisions about what services will be offered;9. To operate MESD in a manner which is consistent with the public interest.
  • Francisco (Frank) Acosta Jr (N)

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    Jessica Arzate (N) Manager, Early Learning Multnomah

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    Jodi Ballard-Beach (N) Strategic Projects Manager

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What MESD services are funding priorities as we move into a fiscal year with potentially significantly reduced resources?

A recent audit of MESD communications stated, “Many frontline employees expressed that they often do not receive the information they need, and when they ask questions or offer feedback on happenings in the agency, they experience retaliation.” What will you do to ensure respectful and effective communication between upper management and staff?

MESD has had extremely rapid turnover of upper management in the last few years. What can be done to ensure this is not repeated in the future?

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Qualifications: A proven ability to bring diverse stakeholders together to serve students through shared goals, collaboration, and action. A career in education that spans a decade as a non-profit manager, a teacher, ESL Instructor, and school front office staff.
As an $80 million dollar agency, MESD provides 90% of its funding for programs and services to eight component districts in Multnomah County. Funding priorities should focus on the five goals identified in MESD’s strategic plan and especially 1) student learning and 2) district and community partnerships. Aligning funding priorities to MESD’s goals can be done with reduced resources through creative approaches to service delivery and adapting solutions to enhance effectiveness.
The success of MESD is best attributed to its dedicated staff. I am committed to engage staff in collaborative processes for feedback including pathways for implementing feedback so MESD is transparent and accountable to its employees and community. As Early Learning Manager in Multnomah County, I have a proven ability to bring diverse stakeholders to collaborate and accomplish a goal by building trust, communicating regularly, and staying accountable to principles that guide our shared work.
In our current time of challenge and change, MESD needs strong leadership who have vision and drive to make a difference. As a learning organization, addressing turnover requires an ongoing and creative process that allows MESD and upper management to respond to the needs and the culture of the agency. This includes developing an awareness of organizational culture needs, providing training and support to staff, and actively working toward a workplace culture that empowers all employees.
Campaign Address: 11544 Se Lincoln Ct
Campaign Phone: (559) 970-3769
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Qualifications: Parent of a 7 year old & 2 year old; Precinct Committee Person; Co-Chair, Oregon Women's Equity Coalition; Board Member, Mill Park Neighborhood Association; Member, Mill & Midland Parks Master Plan Committee; Senior Advisor, Oregon CEDAW Coalition
This will be a challenging budget year for all ESDs and school districts. I believe that we have an opportunity to be resourceful and strategic in light of the budget challenges. This fits with MESD's strategic planning work as well as with an overall desire for MESD to show up as a collaborative partner. The services and programs offered in the coming budget need to both comply with the ESD state mandate and meet the needs of MESD school districts. Together we can identify funding priorities.
My career for the past 10 years has been in Human Resources and I have spent a large portion of that time working on employee engagement. It is difficult to feel engaged when 1) information is not accessible 2) there is no feedback loop and 3) upper management actively discourages questions. This is a cultural issue and culture starts at the top. As a Director, I will help to prioritize a clear communication process and set an expectation of open communications with dedicated input channels.
Turnover can be an indicator of organizational health, high turnover indicates either "cleaning house" or "getting out". A healthy organization has systems and processes in place that monitor certain workforce indicators. As a Director, I would request the development of an organizational health dashboard (report) that provides a summary of those indicators and is presented quarterly to the Board. It is critical to stabilize MESD upper management and ensure retention of talented staff. logo


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