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Multnomah Education Service District Pos. 3, Zone 2

Term: 4 yearsSalary: UnpaidThe primary purpose of the Multnomah Education Service District is to furnish services which support state and local efforts to provide an equitable and excellent education for each student, in collaboration with the entity providing education services.In fulfillment of this purpose, the Board of the Multnomah Education Service District will establish policy, employ staff and dedicate resources to achieve the following goals:1. To assist the education provider in fulfilling state and federal mandates requiring appropriate educational and related services for students with disabilities;2. To assist the education provider in fulfilling local, state or federal requirements and/or needs for alternatives to the regular school or special instruction for specified students;3. To assist the education provider in the development, improvement and/or support of their programs of instruction;4. To assist the education provider in meeting local and state requirements and/or needs for: a. Program assessment; b. Student academic, psychological and other assessment and identification; c. Student attendance; and d. Student mental and physical health.5. To assist the education provider in their efficient and effective operation;6. To assist the State Board of Education in providing state level services, to deliver essential support services to the component districts so that they meet state standards and comply with state laws and to respond to component district needs;7. To assist in achieving inter-organizational cooperation and coordination of health care, social services, employment training with component districts and child and youth-serving organizations;8. To maintain a client-centered agency by using varied and flexible service deliveries and by giving component districts the opportunity to participate in decisions about what services will be offered;9. To operate MESD in a manner which is consistent with the public interest.
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    Mary Botkin (N) Retired

  • Joe Hanson (N)

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What MESD services are funding priorities as we move into a fiscal year with potentially significantly reduced resources?

A recent audit of MESD communications stated, “Many frontline employees expressed that they often do not receive the information they need, and when they ask questions or offer feedback on happenings in the agency, they experience retaliation.” What will you do to ensure respectful and effective communication between upper management and staff?

MESD has had extremely rapid turnover of upper management in the last few years. What can be done to ensure this is not repeated in the future?

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Qualifications: Current Vice Chair of the Multnomah Education Service District, over 30 years experience working in as the Legislative and Political Director, American Federation of State, County, & Municipal, Employees, Council 75,
We have not yet determined what our budget shortfalls may be as the Legislature has not completed their deliberations. It is our desire to continue to provide high level educational services for students with physical, emotional and intellectual disabilities. We will provide alternative educational opportunities for students who have social and environmental challenges. Finally, we intend to maintain all of our specialized programs, Outdoor School and Migrant Education programs.
The MESD Board has made great improvements in the last 2 years. We replaced some top level managers and individuals who created a hostile environment and built barriers between staff members, managers and the Board of Director's. We hired a new Superintendent and made other changes. We hope to have a safe, open and honest environment for staff, students, family members and the public with a direct line to the Board. We continue to learn as we expand open and sometimes difficult conversations.
Some changes were critical in order to move forward, create stability while rebuilding old and building new relationships . MESD is on a path now that is professional, coordinated and energized for growth and expansion. We are poised for increased diversity, inclusion and expanded opportunities for our member districts. The current Board works well with our new superintendent, his management team and our member districts. We meet regularly to determine if course corrections are in order.
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