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Multnomah Education Service District Pos. 2, At-Large

Term: 4 yearsSalary: UnpaidThe primary purpose of the Multnomah Education Service District is to furnish services which support state and local efforts to provide an equitable and excellent education for each student, in collaboration with the entity providing education services.In fulfillment of this purpose, the Board of the Multnomah Education Service District will establish policy, employ staff and dedicate resources to achieve the following goals:1. To assist the education provider in fulfilling state and federal mandates requiring appropriate educational and related services for students with disabilities;2. To assist the education provider in fulfilling local, state or federal requirements and/or needs for alternatives to the regular school or special instruction for specified students;3. To assist the education provider in the development, improvement and/or support of their programs of instruction;4. To assist the education provider in meeting local and state requirements and/or needs for: a. Program assessment; b. Student academic, psychological and other assessment and identification; c. Student attendance; and d. Student mental and physical health.5. To assist the education provider in their efficient and effective operation;6. To assist the State Board of Education in providing state level services, to deliver essential support services to the component districts so that they meet state standards and comply with state laws and to respond to component district needs;7. To assist in achieving inter-organizational cooperation and coordination of health care, social services, employment training with component districts and child and youth-serving organizations;8. To maintain a client-centered agency by using varied and flexible service deliveries and by giving component districts the opportunity to participate in decisions about what services will be offered;9. To operate MESD in a manner which is consistent with the public interest.
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    Kristin Cornuelle (N) Attorney; Mother of two children in public school

  • John Sweeney (N) Free Lance Writer (Sports Equipment)

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    Helen Ying (N) Parkrose School District Hearings Officer

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What MESD services are funding priorities as we move into a fiscal year with potentially significantly reduced resources?

A recent audit of MESD communications stated, “Many frontline employees expressed that they often do not receive the information they need, and when they ask questions or offer feedback on happenings in the agency, they experience retaliation.” What will you do to ensure respectful and effective communication between upper management and staff?

MESD has had extremely rapid turnover of upper management in the last few years. What can be done to ensure this is not repeated in the future?

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Qualifications: Workforce Investment Board, Chair; PTA President, Room Parent, Classroom volunteer, Basketball coach; Family Violence Appellate Project; Hastings Homeless Legal Services Project; Legal Aid Society-Family Advocacy Program; Sexual Assault Counselor
We must advocate to ensure that there are equitable services for all our student communities. The ancillary services that the MESD provides are going to be more critical than ever. Our first priority should be to maintain staffing at the current level given how essential our frontline educators, nurses and care providers are in addressing holistic student needs. We must focus on creative solutions to determine the best options in maintaining quality services as cost-effectively as possible.
MESD employees are the frontline caregivers and they are the eyes and ears for our students and families. Their voices are necessary to create a transparent dialogue. A commitment to respectful communication and equity across all levels begins with the Board, and we should send a clear message to management and staff that diverse perspectives are honored. We must create safe spaces for individuals to share feedback. Our vision should be community-led and driven by these conversations.
A key to maintaining organizational stability is to create a sustainable vision with measurable outcomes that motivates individuals to work with various constituencies towards a common goal. MESD is currently engaged in a strategic planning process, and it will be important to make sure there is buy-in at all levels. When stakeholders have a voice in this process, they will be much more likely to stay committed to the vision and the organization, and feel excited about what they can achieve.
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Qualifications: Supervisor, Portland Parks; Captain, Oregon Army Guard; Director, Multnomah Education Service District; USAC&GSC, Grad; PCC Management, Grad
1. Multnomah ESD Board of Directors, Keep the MESD elected, this would better control of the money. This control would make sure the smaller districts get their fair share of the money & services their students deserve. 2. Law Related Education, This will give our students an exposure to the realities of the Criminal Justice System. This program should inspire them to lead a lawful life. 3. Out Door School, many times is the students their first & only out door experience.
From my military experience the rule is: An informed Service Member is a better Service Member. From that An informed Employee is a better Employee. Information sharing with all personnel must be improved. By increasing the ways information is sent out to employees and improving what is already there. And, adding other means as needed.
The turn over rate can be reduced by going to a "Promote from Within". At many organizations, when a higher position comes open, an existing employee is not allowed to get the higher position. But, must train an outsider to do that job. Very frustrating. Most organizations that use a promote from within are very successful and have a low turn over rate. The MESD, should do the same.
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Qualifications: With 30 years of experience in Oregon's public schools, I bring a passion for service, and love for students, and a desire to strengthen MESD and empower our children. Occupational Background: Public School Teacher; Counselor; and Vice Principal.
Services that affect the success of students are my top priority. MESD serves some of our most vulnerable students, so we need to ensure that programs like Bars to Bridges continue to receive uninterrupted funding while still maintaining funding for other MESD services.
I am a bridge builder. I want to see what existing communication channels there are and work to remove barriers for staff to communicate their concerns, and I will work with superintendent Breyer to ensure that staff have a clear and effective way of communicating and being heard. The folks who work on the ground with students every day--our nurses, teachers, and staff--are some of our most valuable assets. They need to know that we’re all working together for the success of MESD students.
MESD needs a success metric. How are we identifying and retaining top staff? How are component districts liking our services? We need to consider these questions, look into the root causes of turnover, and more as we plan a success metric and work to retain and develop top performing staff. logo


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