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Mt. Hood Community College, Zone 4

Term: 4 yearsSalary: UnpaidThe School Board is the policy-making body of the school district. It is responsible for providing an education program for students living within the District. To accomplish its role, the Board: Determines the long-range direction of the District Establishes policies that direct the instructional and support programs Employs and evaluates the Superintendent Communicates with the community Negotiates with employee groups to determine salaries and benefits Calls elections on bond proposals Approves the annual budget
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    Annette Mattson (N) Government Affairs & Public Policy Specialist

  • George Sonny Yellott (N) Paralegal

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A 2017 Oregonian report ( said that thirty percent of Oregon Promise Grant recipients were from families financially able to pay for education, and African-American and Hispanic students are under-represented as recipients. Assuming Oregon Promise is funded in this biennium, what outreach should community colleges do to ensure low income students and students of color are encouraged to use the grant?

A 2015 state audit ( found that only 24 percent of Oregon community college students who were seeking a degree or certificate actually received one within seven years. What steps would you take to increase the number of students meeting their career or transfer goals?

Community colleges in Oregon are increasingly partnering with both high schools and 4-year colleges to provide accelerated learning for high school students and to prepare often unready students for 4-year schools. How will you balance requirements of other educational institutions with the core program of your own?

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Qualifications: David Douglas School Board - 18 yrs; Oregon School Boards Association - 8 yrs; Metro Policy Advisory Committee - 6 yrs; Powell Valley Road Water District Budget Committee - 2 yrs; Multnomah County Charter Committee - 1 yr; Mt Hood Audit - 9 months
We should work with high school counselors and leaders in our communities of color to ensure robust communications are in place to reach students and ensure they are aware of the resources for continuing their education. Outreach should begin before students are H.S. seniors. Regarding the percentage of students who can pay that are receiving assistance, perhaps the legislature should re-assess if financial need should be considered in the Oregon Promise program.
The escalating cost of child care, tuition and housing make continuing education difficult. Counselors should reflect the student population, be cross-culturally trained, and be able to advise on services in addition to academics for struggling students. I also wonder how many students reached their goals in more than 7 years. Community colleges often serve a different demographic than 4 year schools. I was a 30-year-old when I came to MHCC to work toward my degree. It took me 8 years.
The focus should be on students. Assure high schools, community colleges and state universities have seamless credit transfer programs. Have dual enrollment programs for high school students to increase the likelihood they attend college. Ensure community college credits and associate degrees transfer to 4 year schools. Design apprenticeship programs with the trades that are accredited. Have universities offer courses at community colleges. We need to make education more affordable for all.
Campaign Address: Po Bx 16954 Portland, OR 97292
Campaign Phone: (503) 984-3099
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Qualifications: Life experiences with many years enrolled in higher ed. 4 years serving as Director Zone 4 MHCC
Better, more effective involvement in those communities affairs would produce rewards
End the practice of consciously directing, or targeting, specific interests; while ignoring or employing methods that are depreciative of the efforts of those not included in the "special interest" categorization. Our society is not composed of a collection of special interests, in spite of what some would say. We must all work together to achieve the common goal.
Determine the requirements of the 4 year institutions and work with them to attain a relatively seamless transfer, this will not be a simple effort logo


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