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Omaha City Council, District 2

  • Ben Gray City Councilman

  • Dennis Womack

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What are the top three issues you feel must be addressed in the next four years and how will you do so?

What steps should the City of Omaha take to expand economic growth?

Are there services or operations that you think the City and County should consider merging and why?

What are Omaha’s most pressing transportation needs? If elected, how would you address those needs? (Online only)

What, if any, changes would you like to see to the current waste collection system? (Online only)

Address 4942 Nebraska Avenue Omaha 68104
Current Public Office, dates held Omaha City Council June 2009-present
Education 3 years college
Military experience 6 years United States Air Force
Volunteer experience Gang Intervention, Our Healthy Kids Alliance, NAACP, Empowerment Network,African American Achievement Council
Unemployment: Provide more resources to Heartland Workforce Solutions to address the hard core unemployed. continue to encourage more investment by businesses in North Omaha bringing more jobs. Continue supporting "Step Up" summer jobs. Problem properties and bad Landlords: Work on a Landlord registry, build on the Land Bank, More prosecution of Slum Landlords. Gang Violence: Support the work of YOUTURN the new gang intervention organization. Continue the work of the 360 violence prevention group. Continue to build police community relations.
Many steps are already being taken. Among them, supporting more development especially east of 72nd street, giving the Convention and Visitors Bureau more tools to be competitive in the open marker, supporting for profit and not for profit home builders to increase our affordable housing stock, The more property we can put back on the tax roles the better for economic growth.
If we are talking about merger to save money I not convinced any merger will do that. If we are talking about eliminating duplication of services merging the crime labs should happen so that one source is responsible for everything and the chain of evidence in a case is not compromised.
There are several needs. Among them providing transportation 24/7 for people who work odd hours who may live North or South but have to travel a great distance especially west for work. We should strongly consider a Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT). I would support a BRT. I think some sort of trolley system is useful but we need to study the best use of that mode of transportation.
What I would like to see is unrealistic. My preference would be for unlimited grass and leaf bags. That won't happen in the future without extra cost. I would like to see a more robust recycling program with larger, closed containers.
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