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All legislative powers of the Municipality under the Charter, together with all such powers conferred upon Municipalities by the Constitution and laws of Ohio, shall be vested in the Council. Council shall be composed of seven (7) members. One member shall be elected by the electors of each of the four (4) wards, and three (3) members shall be elected by the electors of the Municipality at-large. The term of office is 4 years.
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    Pete Buczkowski WRITE-IN

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    Jon Hannan Business Management

  • Chuck Kocisko

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    Carmen Lisa Laudato Self-Employed

  • Justin Ring

  • Jennifer Wagner

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How would you balance the need for economic development with community development that ensures a better quality of life?

What is your vision for your community and how would you implement it?

Education College Graduate- Major in Business/Marketing. Minor in language.
Training & Experience Served as service commissioner (2) years and (12) years as Councilman at large.
We need more tax dollars by filling all empty business building with new Industry. We need more retail business and new environmentally safe industry. This will be able to give our folks a better quality of life.
Find sources of revenue and NOT burden our residents with more taxes.
Age 24
Education I am a 2017 Graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management.
Training & Experience I am a motivated and personable business person with six years experience in the food service industry. I excel at hiring, training, scheduling, inventory management, customer service, payroll and goal setting that allows my store to maximize it's profits.
Economic development is important to the growth of our city because Streetsboro is accessible off two interstates, multiple state routes and is conveniently located between Cleveland and Akron. Because of this, our city attracts many great businesses. We need to work together to retain the jobs we have, as well as continue to create more. We must also make sure we our using our resources, such as land and money, to its full potential. To ensure a better quality of life, we must also focus on community development. This will allow our citizens to understand our community leadership is trustworthy and that we will always put their needs first.
My vision for Streetsboro is to ensure that we are the best we can be. To do so, our leadership needs trustworthy, communicate with our citizens and put their needs first. We need to get the most out of our resources, focus on our master plan and push for redevelopment of some of our empty buildings and lots. I want to continue to grow our relationship with the schools because in order for our community to be the best it can be; we need to work together. All of these things are possible with communication between community leaders. Without communication, none of this is possible.
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Age 39
Education Mentor High School Kent State University- Associates of Science, Associates of Arts (2013), BS Public Health Administration (2018)
Training & Experience Regular Attendance of Council meetings since 2008. Various leadership roles in the community including President of Parks and Rec Board, Co-Chair of PASS, and most recently area Representative on the Portage CRA Housing Council.
Twitter @carmenlaudato
It wasn't until 2012 that our City had a position for Economic Development Director. I am proud to be chair of the Political Action Committee responsible for that jobs creation. Streetsboro is a rapidly growing community with increasing diversity, and the challenge is preserving that small town feel with big town amenities. Listening to the citizens and forming a plan based on their wants and needs and carrying out a master plan that reflects that is essential to being able to offer that better quality of life. Streetsboro has done a great job conserving green spaces in the past and those efforts need to remain in place. Our economic situation has not been handled as well. Our town sees a lot of empty store fronts and we struggle with our infrastructure. We need to create zoning that is attractive to developers that are looking to invest and incentives for businesses to repurpose vacant buildings. Property value health and wealth is the winning combination for quality living.
My vision for the community is to help facilitate an environment in which people enjoy living here and stay and raise their families here. Streetsboro has many beautiful neighborhoods and homes. I would like to see people have more options for recreation, we currently have no adaptive recreation for our special needs residents. There are limited options for our youth and that needs to be addressed. In many ways, we are already doing what we can. However, we are not pursuing grants for things like sidewalks that other communities are aggressively pursing. I would like to see an Administration that reflects our growing diversity. Consolidate resources with other public entities. Above all, to make anything happen, it would be my commitment to not deficit spend and not vote for budgets unless they are balanced. You can have all the wish lists you want, but without money they will never come to fruition.
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