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Lisle Township Clerk

  • Robert J. Klaeren II (Rep) Lisle Township Clerk

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    Gerald T. Galloway (Dem) Retired Pipefitter

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Tell us about your background and decision to seek this office?

How many people are employed in the Clerks’ Office? Do they work full, part time or seasonal. What type of work is performed? What is the advantage of keeping this under the township and not under the county?

What are your top three priorities for this position? Do you plan to make any changes to the Clerk’s office?

I have been a Regional Manager for an engineering component and software company for more than the past 14 years. I first became involved in the community during the effort to keep Meijer from building a store on Maple avenue in Lisle in 1998. While working on this, we worked with all of the local units of government. The township interested me most because of its work throughout the community. One of the township's most important missions is to assist those in need. The food pantry run by the township, as well as the other services for those who are experiencing hardship, are very important missions that I like being a part of.
The clerk is an independent elected position that resides in the Township Supervisors Office. The office is tasked with maintaining the township's records, answering FOIA requests, taking part in bid openings and preparing the minutes for each township meeting. The job is part time and a member of the supervisor's staff acts as an assistant.

Each unit of government should have an independent records keeper so that the integrity of the records is absolute and free from interpretation of those who are setting the policy.

Regarding keeping the township an independent unit of government; The township performs its duties at a significantly reduced cost from the county. With the primary mission of the township supervisor's office to assist the needy, it would provide an increased hardship to the people it serves by forcing them to go to the county in Wheaton which can be up to a 45 minute drive from some places in the county. It also does not make sense to push this mandate to the 39 villages and cities in the county since this would certainly increase the costs when compared to 9 townships.
1. Continue to put all of the available information on the township's website. Since taking office 4 years ago all of the township's financial documents as well as most other documents have been put on the website . Now that the records are easily available, we need to responsibly update the website infrastructure using 2017 search tools. This will allow the public to more easily search for the information they need.

2. Diligently keep accurate records of all township meetings and expenditures.

3. Work to continually update processes so that residents are served in a very timely and streamlined manner.
Campaign Phone (630) 788-4738
Dear Voter,

I wasn't looking to go into politics; I'm new, and not a politician. A retired Pipefitter, having worked forty years in the field, politics was the last thing I wanted to do. When I heard Bernie Sanders a year ago, and realized he was speaking truth, I went to work for him. As the Sanders Campaign began to look like it wouldn't make it, I decided to get involved in the Democratic politics, and work to move the Party to be more for the American people, less for special thing led to another, and here I am running for Clerk in Lisle Township. I don't need the job; I'm doing alright. I'm an average person who would like to do something positive for my community. And I will do a great job for the Township and its people. My whole life, I've loved new challenges. As a Fitter I worked construction, service, repair, estimating, and sales. I was the go-to guy for tough jobs. Detail-oriented and patient, I would solve whatever problems they threw at me. I'll bring the same single-mindedness of purpose to the Clerk's job. I've read nine years of minutes, studied financials, and gone to meetings. I love the community, and I love "We the People." I want to do this job as Clerk for you. On April 4th, please give me your consideration and your vote. I'm Galloway.

Respectfully Yours, Gerry Galloway
The Clerk in Lisle Township has no employees working directly under him. There are, however two employees, the Assistant to the Supervisor, and the Finance Director, who are directly under the Supervisor, and who are designated as "Acting Clerks," as provided by Illinois statute. Thus, should something should come up, when the Clerk is unavailable, the Acting Clerk is authorized to fill in. The Assistant to the Supervisor in Lisle Township does a lot of work that's of assistance to the Clerk, such as Agenda preparation for meetings, puts together Meeting Packets, posting agendas and notices, opening bids, and so on. The Clerk is also responsible for keeping minutes of meetings, signing documents, and facilitating the paperwork/documentation of the parties and candidates that's required for the quadrennial Township Election. As I see it, the township clerk is necessary as long as we have township government, as a matter of keeping that government functioning smoothly. Whether we need township governments is another question entirely. On the plus side, township governments being smaller are likely to be more responsive to the people they serve, as I believe they have greater flexibility. On the negative side, in built-up areas such as DuPage County, we have cities and villages handling many services with townships serving ever smaller numbers, meaning that it becomes more difficult to achieve economies of scale. So, I see it as a trade-off; flexibility and responsiveness, vs economy of scale.
I, together with my fellow challengers, will take office as newcomers; we will bring a dedication to transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility. We have people qualified to do a reevaluation of the 4721 Indiana Building, which I think should be done before plans are finalized to demolish and replace it. Our people will provide valuable oversight during the replacement process, assuming replacement is actually necessary.

Was unaccountable government and apparent lack of concern behind Township documents remaining stored in the 4721 Indiana Building, known to be contaminated with toxic mold for over a year? By statute the Clerk is also the custodian of records. I will use best practices, in accordance with state law, to resolve the issue of any documents remaining stored in the Building. What were our officials thinking?

I will listen to you, and work to provide a vision for and of Township government. I'll work to be your eyes and ears. How are your tax dollars being spent, wisely we would hope? Our elected officials are leaning strongly toward replacing a building, at considerable expense, and virtually no one in the Township even knows about it. No news articles, nothing. The only public information available is in the Meeting Minutes, as far as I can tell. You knew nothing about this. How does that make you feel? logo


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