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Voting Location: Sprague School, 401 School StreetWellesley has a representative Town Meeting form of government. There are 240 elected Town Meeting members apportioned among the Town's eight precincts. Town meeting members are elected to a three-year term, with 1/3 standing for election in any given year.
  • MARLENE V. ALLEN Realtor

  • JOHN BUBECK IT& Real Estate

  • SUSAN B. CLAPHAM Former editor, teacher; at home

  • PAUL L. CRISWELL Attorney

  • Candidate picture

    LEDA EIZENBERG Educator, Writer, and Mother

  • Candidate picture

    JENN FALLON Mom of Quinn (8) and Kate (5)

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    ROBERTA W. FRANCIS College adminstration

  • PAMELA L. KUBBINS Business Owner

  • CATHERINE C MIRICK Financial Services / Stay at home Mom

  • MAGGIE MULQUEEN psychologist

  • Candidate picture

    FRANK PINTO Private Equity/Venture Capital



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    ERIC SOFEN Software Engineer at MathWorks

  • MELISSA G WILSON Small Business Owner

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    ELLEN F ZIENTARA Nurse Practitioner

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What are the most important goals for Wellesley to achieve over the next five years?

Relevant Experience Advisory Past Chair, School Comm, Long Range Financial Plan Developmnt Comm, Town Mtg Member ~17 yrs
Clear, affordable school plan; Board transparency; Smart decisions for N 40; Better zoning to curb tear downs; Better systems; Traffic mitigation
Ensuring strong schools with first rate instruction & facilities and attracting & retaining robust, independent small businesses are important goals.
Relevant Experience Wellesley res.20+yrs; TMM 11yrs; active community volunteer (PTO pres./ Sprague,WMS,WHS; WEF; LWV)
Maintain excellence in schools; balance services for all members of our community with fiscal responsibility; keep Wellesley a friendly place to live.
Relevant Experience Board of Public Works, Board of MLP, Advisory Committee and TMM 10+ years
Providing high quality services while acting as sensible stewards of taxpayer money. Optimizing coordination among Town Departments
Relevant Experience Teacher: Hingham & WHS, Family clinical case manager, Fundraiser for schools & nonprofits, WPS grad
Wellesley must preserve community involvement, excellent schools, and neighborhood character, while increasing diversity and inclusion initiatives.
Relevant Experience Sprague VP (rising President) Wellesley Mothers Forum Co-Director PAWS Co-President CVS Project Mgr
Wellesley should continue to evolve as a welcoming, diverse community that utilizes its resources to support both its members and the world.
Relevant Experience Town Meeting Member for over fifteen years. Have held many volunteer positions in town.
Maintaining Town services at the level which residents expect while providing a fiscally responsible budget.
Relevant Experience TMM for 15+ years, League of Women Voters, POPS, Environmental Aid
Deliver quality services with fiscal responsibility. Work collaboratively to produce the best solutions for education, open space and public safety.
Relevant Experience Girl Scout Leader Past PTO Pres, Sprague & WMS Town Mtg Mbr for 8 yrs Wellesley resident for 15 yrs
We need to maintain our schools, parks and natural resources through creative planning and prudent fiscal measures.
Relevant Experience TMM, WSF board member, past president of WHS PTSO, resident for 23 years
The most important goal for Wellesley is to continue to be a community of caring neighbors--resolving issues about the schools, taxes, and land use.
Relevant Experience Current Chair of Wellesley Advisory Committee (town's finance committee) Extensive Bus/Finance Exp.
Maintain/improve town services, schools and infrastructure in a fiscally responsible manner. Make Wellesley a better place to live for all residents.
Candidate has not yet responded.
Relevant Experience TMM; Adv. Cmte.; Plng. Brd.; ZBA; Perm. Bldg. Cmte.
Fiscal prudence. Excellent schools. Stronger regulations of buildings/trees at teardowns to match existing streetscape.
Relevant Experience Sustainable Wellesley volunteer; Grew up in Lexington; BA Physics, Bowdoin; PhD Atmospheric Sci. UW
Safe roads for all: pedestrians/cyclists/drivers; Take advantage of opportunities to preserve open space; Sustainability & Climate Action Plan
Relevant Experience 24 year resident, TMM, Board of FWFL 2013-16, WPS parent
Make fiscally responsible decisions while providing exceptional services and maintaining the character and quality of our neighborhoods and town.
Relevant Experience Business Owner, Former Member Wellesley Conservation Counsel, 2 daughters @ WHS, Resident over 13yr
Support Community Health Programs: Alcohol & Drug Abuse, Domestic Violence Create Health & Wellness Programs: Seniors Lower Taxes, Save Green Space logo


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