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Voting Location: Sprague School, 401 School StreetWellesley has a representative Town Meeting form of government. There are 240 elected Town Meeting members apportioned among the Town's eight precincts. Town meeting members are elected to a three-year term, with 1/3 standing for election in any given year.
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    RONALD ALEXANDER Software Engineer

  • TIMOTHY J BARRETT Chief Financial Officer, Pine Street Inn, Inc.


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    MARINA GIL-SANTAMARIA Project Management/Small Business Owner


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    JOSEPH M HICKSON III Corporate Attorney


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  • JAY MALIKOWSKI Portfolio Manager, International Equities

  • AMY MCCARRON Freelance Copywriter

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    VINCENT NORTON Real Estate Investor

  • ARTHUR S. PRIVER Computer Consultant


  • BROOK ROSENBAUM Insurance Executive

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What are the most important goals for Wellesley to achieve over the next five years?

Relevant Experience 17 year resident of Wellesley, father of 3 children in Wellesley Public Schools, member of Town Band
Resolve the HHU issue and implement a plan that satisfies all. After that, the North 40, Senior Center, and 900 Worcester Street projects.
Relevant Experience TMM since 2011; WHDC Treasurer since 2011; 900 Worcester Ctte., 2012 to 2016
Keep Town affordable to diversity of family sizes and incomes; Next steps on schools and renovations; Maintain fiscal responsibility.
Candidate has not yet responded.
Relevant Experience Listening to all the voices, Unified planning, Consensus building, On-time & under-budget delivery
A unified plan to preserve our neighborhoods schools, the core of our communities. Let's collaborate with constituents to boost trust & transparency
Relevant Experience -Advisory -Town Meeting Member -Baseball Coach -Former Wellesley Historical Society Board Member
Maintaining its excellent services to all residents, while being fiscally responsible and fostering community involvement.
Relevant Experience 10+ years of legal practice ranging from real estate to civil rights to business law. Proud father.
(1) Maintaining all 7 elementary schools; (2) Fiscally responsible development of 900 Worcester; and (3) Reducing Wellesley's environmental footprint.
Candidate has not yet responded.
Relevant Experience Finance committee - North Reading, MA Experience in public policy - finance, health, science
Maintain high quality neighborhoods schools. Closely monitor and review home tear-downs when converted to condos. Treasure and conserve green spaces.
Relevant Experience Management Consultant; MBA, University of Chicago; Portfolio Manager, International Equities
Bridge the inter-generational gap from seniors-millennials through services but also control spending; taxes expanding too fast relative to peer towns
It would be nice if town government process could become more transparent and get back to being representative of what residents want.
Relevant Experience Served as TMM in 2016 via Special Election. Business owner and real estate investor since 2000.
We need to increase the property tax base, not tax rates, in order to fund planned initiatives without overburdening property owners and businesses.
Relevant Experience Wellesley School Committee 1982-88,1989-90, Town Meeting Member since 1972,Wellesley Education Fndtn
Maintaining the excellence of the school system; keeping up the Town’s infrastructure. Continue prudent fiscal management (preserve AAA bond rating);
Relevant Experience Town Meeting Member, Practicing Attorney, Planning Board Member, former School Committee member
The important goals are: solve the HHU building project issues, implement a Unified Plan, deal with mansionization and demolition, stabilize budget.
Relevant Experience HHU Parent Advisory Committee Member Parent of 3 Wellesley Public School children
Implementing HHU and Middle School infrastructure plans to make capital improvements to schools with sub-standard facilities logo


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