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Voting Location: Bates School, 16 Elmwood RoadWellesley has a representative Town Meeting form of government. There are 240 elected Town Meeting members apportioned among the Town's eight precincts. Town meeting members are elected to a three-year term, with 1/3 standing for election in any given year.
  • CHRISTOPHER BRADLEY Insurance Broker

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    LISA H FICO Healthcare representative


  • KATIE GRIFFITH Full-time Parent

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    BEN HABER Communications Executive


  • MARY KLOPPENBERG Retired Executive Director, Wellesley Community Children's Center (WCCC)

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    SHENGLI LI IT professional

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    SHEILA OLSEN Real Estate Agent and Independent Business Owner

  • BARBARA D SEARLE Commercial Lender

  • CURTIS R. SMITH Manufacturing company owner

  • PAMELA STIRRAT business manager; committed volunteer

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What are the most important goals for Wellesley to achieve over the next five years?

Relevant Experience TMM member for 3 years
I feel one of the most important goal for Wellesley is the HHU school plan. It is very important that we take our time and make the correct decision.
Relevant Experience PTO president 2015/16 at Hardy Elementary school. St. John CCD teacher.
Focusing on transparency & improved communication between town govt & residents. In addition to maintaining green space, our schools & healthy living.
Relevant Experience Board of Selectmen (2010-present), TMM (2001-present); HHU Master Plan Comm; Unified Plan Mgt Team
Initiate new HHU schools plan; Meet Unified Plan objectives; Institute town wide Strategic Planning; Deliver 21st century ed; Increase senior housing
Relevant Experience Ph.D. Ocean Science, Board Member at World of Wellesley, Girl Scout Troop Leader, Science Educator
Wellesley should continue to grow as a leader in sustainability and education, and honor its commitment to being a welcoming place for everyone.
Continue investing in our public schools, preserve and maintain conservation areas, and expand programs that benefit the environment.
Candidate has not yet responded.
Relevant Experience Exec. Dir. WCCC- 27 years. M.S. Ed. Wheelock & on Board. Library Trustee. Town Resident since 198
Resolution of School Building proposals. Unified Plan to develop strategy and vision for town. Implications of housing changes for our neighborhoods.
Relevant Experience President of Wellesley Chinese American Network Inc., a 501c(3) organization in Wellesley
Enhance STEM education throughout WPS system to promote Wellesley in MA's ranking; Support diversified culture events to boost up community engagement
Relevant Experience Former Corporate Attorney, Town Meeting Representative from Precinct A for the past 4 years
We must develop a fiscally & environmentally responsible Unified Plan for Town development, while maintaining strong schools & limiting tax increases.
Relevant Experience Board of Selectmen, Advisory Committee, Community Preservation Committee, Historical Commission
Continue fiscal restraint while creatively moving the community forward. Begin implementation of a plan for HHU and finalize Town Unified Plan.
Relevant Experience 35 year resident, TMM 13 yrs, HS Study Committee, Playing Fields Task Force, 4 kids thru K-12 WPS
The Unified Plan is a key task to develop a vision of who we are and how we will get there. Use of North 40, HHU school decisions, fiscal discipline
Relevant Experience TMM incumbent; 35 yr town resident; 4 children in WPS; longtime volunteer commitment to library
Unified plan for whole town; elementary school future determined & implemented; North 40 utilization/development determined; revisit teardown rules
Relevant Experience Over ten years of legal experience; born and raised in MA; children in Wellesley schools.
We should strive to maintain the high quality of our schools; increase green space; and take all appropriate measures to resist Trump. logo


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