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    Heather Bejda (Rep) Real Estate Broker

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    Loretta Burke (Dem) School Library Media Specialist

  • Julie Federico (Dem) Retired Software Engineer

  • Glenn Jones (Dem)

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    Karyn (Kerry) Malm (Rep) University Administrator - Retired

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    Jim Ruhl (Rep) Owner of JW Ruhl Landscape Services, Inc

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    Paul Santucci (Rep) Commercial Broker

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    John Waller (Dem) Supply Chain Management

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Biographical Information

Tell us about your background and decision to seek this office?

What are your top three priorities? What do you hope to accomplish in your term?

Some question the need for township government in this day and age. What are the services that the Township can best provide? And why?

There is a referendum on the ballot to consolidate the Naperville Township Road District and the Lisle Township Road District into one consolidated township road district. Do you see any other services that could be consolidated with or shared by the surrounding cities, counties, townships or other governmental bodies?

How will you reach out to include more resident communication and seek more input from your constituents who are currently not actively involved with township government?

Campaign Phone (630) 514-8910
I have been serving my community as Homeowners President for the past 3 years, on the board for over 10 years. Over the past year I have been very involved with the task force who reviewed the proposed IGA from the City of Naperville which has encouraged me to open myself up as a candidate. My involvement with the task force allowed me to provide my homeowners association, as well as the surrounding communities, with unbiased information, based on facts, to help residents understand these important issues.
The first and most important priority to me is to make sure that we, as a team of elected officials, do our homework on any issue brought before us. We are here to work for the residents and to provide honest guidance and factual information as we serve. I am a believer in providing efficient and streamlined government. I will work hard in building relationships with our partners in city and county government to help provide the very best service for township residents. I also seek to find tax savings that make sense for everyone. My willingness to do homework, get my hands dirty and pursue the facts will help our team of elected officials make the very best decisions for all township residents.
Township Government is the most efficient and effective form of government, they generally spend less and borrow less so bigger isn't always better. In larger governments elected officials don't have the close connection to the neighborhoods and the people they serve causing them to not always hear the peoples voice. With Townships they can not only directly oversee the day to day operations, they keep in contact with the residents and homeowners associations, they know the people they serve and the people know them. This allows them to effectively manage our tax dollars.
If I am elected by the residents as your Naperville Township Trustee I will be able to review the services we provide and work with the elected team to find savings and/or consolidations for all township residents.
If I am elected I plan to try to create connections within the township by attending neighborhood homeowner’s association meetings. I feel strongly about creating that bond with the residents so that they feel comfortable coming to me with any issue that they may have.
Campaign Phone (630) 447-0102
I am a Chicago native and have lived in Aurora for over 15 years. As a proud union member of the Illinois Education Association, I served as a delegate to the 2016 Representative Assembly in Washington, D.C. For the past 12 years, I have been employed as a School Library Media Specialist at a local junior high school. Previously, I have served as a Board Member of my Homeowners’ Association and have over 30 years of experience working in the legal and business sectors in Chicago and the Western Suburbs. My background in education, utilizing technology and data as an information specialist, working in my community as a Precinct Committeewoman over the past 15 years, and my business and legal experience will help in my position serving as a Naperville Township Trustee. I am seeking this office because I would like to be a part of fostering increased use of technology and data in making responsible financial decisions for our township, resulting in more transparency in the Township’s operations and fiscal policies. By running for Township Trustee as a Democratic candidate, I envision a bi-partisan Township organization which will meet the needs of all its residents.
My first priority would be to improve communication to the Aurora residents of Naperville Township, and to increase awareness of outreach services to seniors, disabled and those-in-need in our community. I will strive to provide residents with news of township programs and events in a timely fashion and in a variety of formats (via e-mail, U.S. mail, Facebook, etc.) to receive the benefits from their tax dollars paid to the Township. Second: Increase the Township’s use of technology and data in making responsible decisions for our residents and for more efficient use of their tax dollars. In addition, the township should use the tools of statistical analysis and community input in making its decisions. Third: Provide more transparency in the Township’s operations and fiscal policies. Most residents get news of the Township activities, budget, and policies in a newsletter after the fact, and are helpless to provide input as to how their taxpayer dollars have been spent. Residents need to have a voice in how their tax dollars are spent before they are spent!
Township government is the “grass roots” level of government, and the easiest level to reach our residents. I feel that senior and social services are often best provided at this level, without layers of bureaucracy as found in city or county government levels. At the township level, a smaller population is in need of services, and the services can be provided in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.
Among the cities of Naperville, Lisle, Warrenville and Aurora (the second largest city in the state) I am aware that there are inefficiencies or duplication of services. Social and Senior Services provided in all of these communities could be examined and consolidated in order to provide increased services and cost savings when they are shared among a larger population. These communities could share in hosting joint events such as Social Security Seminars, Scholarships, food pantries, Medicare Seminars, etc. at a lower cost to a broader population using shared local facilities.
I think the Township needs to improve the visibility of its officials to the community and increase its communication to all of its residents. Social media, e-mail, town halls, an interactive website and appearances at local events can all serve as vehicles for officials to meet the Township residents. Residents need to be given an opportunity to offer opinions and provide feedback to township officials about the job their township government is doing. More needs to be done to increase communication to the Township’s residents than sending out a newsletter once every election cycle.
I have lived in Naperville Township for 30 years. I am a retired engineer and I worked in Naperville for a large telecom company. I now have more time to spend on community issues and so I am running for Naperville Township Trustee. My background as an engineer had me working on large projects with diverse team members, managing budgets and project timelines and those skills will help in my role as trustee. I’m seeking this office because I want to see Naperville Township grow efficiently, with a good balance between business and residential interests.

I am active in the community and my volunteer work includes: Treasurer of the Naperville Sister Cities Commission, Lector at St Thomas the Apostle Church; Treasurer of the River Bank Homeowners Association; Elected Precinct Committeeman; and a volunteer with Junior Achievement, PADS and ADOPT Pet Shelter.
First, I want to bring a progressive perspective to Naperville Township. For the 30 years I have lived in Naperville, the township has been run by a single party, which can lead to stagnate policies. I believe government operates better with diverse opinions and perspectives.

Second, I want to help settle the argument on if and how we should consolidate redundant services. Residents have been raising this issue for 20 years, and the current trustees are just now beginning to address it. Really? Why hasn’t efficient use of taxpayer money been addressed until now? My background managing large teams and negotiating solutions will allow me to work towards a successful resolution to this ongoing issue.

Third, the majority of Naperville Township residents do not understand the role of township government and how it fits in with the cities and county. This causes confusion and divisiveness between incorporated and unincorporated neighborhoods. As Trustees, we need to work together towards common solutions which are cost effective for every Township resident.
The services the Township provides are important, however, many of those services, in part, are already provided by the cities of Aurora and Naperville, and DuPage County. This results in costly redundancy. Illinois has the most units of local government in the nation (Texas is a distant second!). It makes sense to streamline and consolidate whenever possible, to be more efficient with taxpayer money. Social services provided locally to seniors, veterans, children, the disabled, and others in need, should be the Township’s primary focus since those can be done most cost effectively.
The Road District consolidation is all we are hearing in the news, but all services the township offers should be examined to see if they could be provided in concert with the surrounding cities or the county at a lower cost. Our goal should always be to use our taxpayer monies most efficiently. Consolidation is one way to achieve that goal.
Currently, the only information we get from the existing Township officers is one newsletter about a month before an election, which is obvious pandering. Communication is a two-way street so there needs to be a way for residents to contact Township officers and trustees. There also needs to be a way for Township officers and trustees to share what is going on at the township.

Specifically, provide an easy-to-use feedback form on the website to allow residents to provide immediate input; create an email list that residents may join voluntarily to receive periodic township communication; and advertise monthly township meetings so that residents may attend if they have an issue or just want to hear what is going on.
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Campaign Phone (630) 901-6842
I have many years as a university administrator serving as Assistant to the President at Robert Morris University and my community involvement over the years. A long-time Naperville resident, I hold two master's degrees and am currently a doctoral candidate. I am currently serving as a Trustee for Naperville Township, Secretary of the Naperville Library Board and an Associate Director of the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation. I am also an active member of the Naperville Rotary Club and the Exchange Club of Naperville. Previous board memberships include NCTV Channel 17, Naperville United Way, Care & Counseling Center, Samaritan Interfaith, Little Friends, and the Naperville Youth Advisory Committee. I decided to run for Trustee for Naperville Township four years ago as I was approaching retirement and felt I had the time to commit to serving the Township's constituents and the time to be out in the community to see first-hand what the needs were and how the Township can assist.
As a senior citizen one of my top priorities is to save money on property taxes that are one of the highest in the nation, One way to begin this process was to look at consolidating the Naperville Township Road District with the Lisle Township Road District which will be very cost effective. Other efforts to combine services will be a priority as well. Looking to partner with the City and/or County will enable us to provide more comprehensive services through utilizing additional resources to offer our constituents. This current board has worked diligently on being transparent and I would like to continue this transparency effort so all residents are fully informed of what is available to them and have access to all services the Township provides. Continuing involvement in the community and be out there and visible to all constituents so that people know who we are, what we do and how we can be of assistance is another high priority for me,
One service the Naperville Township provides its residents is having the Assessor's Office local and easily accessible. Residents are able to come in any time and get their questions answered by a dedicated Township Assessor and staff members. Other services provided by the Township that include seniors who can meet with a highly trained staff to get questions answered and help in figuring out what they need to do. Services to seniors include, but not limited to, Ride DuPage and guidance with health insurance issues that seniors are faced with along with a myriad of other questions that face senior citizens. General Assistance is available to those residents who are in need of immediate help. Again, trained staff are there to help those in monetary need. It is a warm and friendly place for people who need extra care without having to travel far and can get the help they need on a very timely basis.
Recently the focus has been on the Naperville Township Road District and the Lisle Township Road District to work together to save tax payers money. The consolidation effort has worked out well so far. Other services the Township provides can be evaluated and considered going forward. Services provided by nearby cities and townships need to be evaluated to see if there is duplication and if there are ways to consolidate in order to bring about better and more comprehensive services. One caution would be to ensure the services received at the Township are of the same quality if a consolidation or merging of services would occur. One benefit for having services at the Township as the local office is easily accessible especially for those with special needs or those with problems getting to a physical site.
My goal has always been to be out in the community and meet as many people as possible. One of the reasons for this is to let people know what the Naperville Township provides and how residents can access the services needed. Another benefit from being out in the community is I meet people who represent other service providers and groups who can be beneficial for our referral file. We can continue participating in information fairs/events provided by local groups, be guest speakers and reach out into areas where we think we might not be well known. The Township does publish a newsletter both in print and online which is very helpful to residents. Media coverage is another area where we can do more to increase the visibility of the Naperville Township and all the services available and ways in which to contact us.
Campaign Phone (630) 514-8910
Web Site http://paulsant
My family and I moved into Naperville Township in 1988 where we still reside. I have been married to my wife for 32 years and have 2 children, both raised at this home. I have served as an elder at my church for 11 years where I strived to shepherd my flock while teaching an adult Sunday school class which I am still doing. I have been a coach of baseball and soccer. I became the social director for my homeowners association, Westside Homeowners Association about 6 years ago. I am the current president and have a great board who loves to serve our neighborhood. In 2014 I became an elected precinct committeeman for the 11th district. I am serving my second term. I am an active member of Naperville Township Republican Organization. I am running to bring transparency and integrity to my Township government. I will look for ways to streamline our government & have a sensible and purposeful approach to tax savings while keeping all the residents of the Naperville Township in mind.
First, I wish to work on restoring a transparent government where the board is aware of what is going on and with that communicate to the constituents. There have been some good strides for packet updates and videoing of board meetings but that doesn't display all the areas that have lacked being honest and transparent. Second, there has been a poor handling of efforts for any consolidation that has given the township an unfavorable opinion by some. We must make every effort to look for ways to work with other bodies that can bring savings to the residents. I plan on doing my homework and stay informed on where we can make this work. We can not entice people for lower taxes when it won't be there. We must have Straight Talk on this. I hope to lead in that. Third, I will remind myself that this position is to serve others with not myself. I will make every effort lead as a servant.
The Township has three main services 1. Civic assistance in various forms 2. Highway district that cares for the unincorporated roads in various forms 3. Assessor of properties. And while all of these are at a high level and efficient already, I believe the Assessor that lives and works in our area brings an important role to all the residents of the Naperville Township. To have that eliminated and go to a county or state Assessor team will not bring accurate, current and reasonable property value to our area.
There has been a real gap of communication of how much shared services already happen. Not long ago Dan Cronin, DuPage County Board Chairman wrote a short piece in The Daly Herold on how all of the Township road Districts in DuPage County are working together to purchase larger orders of fuel and salt, hence bringing savings to all. To name a few others: 1. The City of Naperville has hired the Naperville Township to plow 15 miles of city roads, for no cost. This has been done for 30 years. 2. The Naperville Township mows some areas for the county that brings them savings. 3. The City of Aurora, Naperville and the township worked together to get a bridge repair done. The Naperville Township Road District is known state wide as a leader in things like this and I hope to help it continue to in the future.
One thing that is being considered; is the idea of having quarterly town hall meetings. Other townships have gone to social media to show the work being done. We already publish line item numbers for expenses and income, ect..

As for more involvement being a precinct committeeman helped me to see how local government operates and it has generated an interest to serve. There is also a local group for young voters to join in the area that has led to more involvement. I love those type of efforts.
Campaign Phone (630) 514-8910
I have lived in the township since 2007 and have been an elected committeeman serving my precinct since 2007. I have been a Trustee of the Naperville Township since 2013 and have been honored to serve as a board member of the township for the past term, Abating thousands of dollars and planning to actually lower the tax levy next year saving taxes for all of the township! I have volunteered in the community with the, District 204 PTAs, West Suburban Irish, Loaves and Fishes, DuPage County Forest Preserve, Wheatland Athletic Association, Team Chicago Soccer and Bolingbrook Soccer Club. I currently sit on the Board of; West Suburban Irish, BrightSide Theatre and KTTK. I am currently CEO of a communications/Technology company in Naperville and currently a communications consultant, a licensed broker at Dolan & Murphy and a certified soccer coach and Referee. I am seeking re-election to continue to serve the residents with Straight Talk, ethics and true transparency!
1) Continue to offer ethical, transparent and honest representation government to all residents of Naperville Township! Developing proper procedures and policies to keep the township running as effectively and efficiently in the future, as I have done the past four years.

2) Continue to be a shepherd of the consolidation of the highway department, assuring the agreement made is in the best interest of the entire citizenry of the township. Performing due diligence and effective research of any proposed agreements to consolidate township services for the betterment of the people.

3) Continue to develop the Naperville Arts Center concept in collaboration with the City of Naperville, Naperville Park District, 360 Youth Services, Naperville Development Partnership and Naperville Arts League.
The township form of government is important because it is the true democratic government of the people. The main purposes of the programs and services of townships is to provide service to the everyday citizen, not just the citizens with large bank accounts. The high level corporate executives and aspiring attorneys are not generally the officials or the users of township government, however that doesn't mean townships are not a value to the community. Townships not only provide road service to the unincorporated residents and does not just provide a professional property assessment for the home and commercial property owners, it also provides assistance through general assistance, youth services, senior services and transportation to handicapped and needy residents to work and their doctors. The township also provides loaned medical equipment for temporary and needy residents. The pure democracy gives each resident an opportunity to reach their officials anytime they have a need!
I do see the appeal to eliminate as much of the property tax burden on the residents of Illinois, the county of DuPage and city of Naperville, however the Naperville Township, nor many of the townships, don't share borders with any cities, park districts, police or fire districts or school districts. Therefore, it would be very difficult and not cost effective to share the services of just one township with a city like Naperville because the city would have to provide space and hire staff to provide the services for just one of the four townships that fall within their borders, and if the city of Naperville did take on some of the services of all the townships that fall within their borders, each of those four townships also cover other cities that would then be missing those services. If we want reform of the state wide government system we need to have a, non-political, task force research and develop a plan and propose a state constitutional amendment that will run state-wide.
I feel we have a lot of communication resources that provide information to the residents of the township including; providing board packets and budget expenditures on line. We provide copy of our meeting minutes on line as well, and starting this year now video tape and publish all of our public meetings online as well, and each meeting has a public comment time. Townships are mandated to also have a Annual Town Hall meeting that gives all residents an opportunity to have their concerns and issues addressed in person on the spot. I as a trustee have had a Facebook page for my being a township trustee and have used it to send and receive information of township activities and events. I do believe we may need to hire a part-time communications professional that might do a better job of providing a more consistent feed on information and correspondence, however I would like to also allow each elected official be able to continue to be in direct contact with the residents of the township.
Campaign Phone (630) 806-5253
I am currently the President of the Brookdale Homeowners Association, a position I’ve held for the past 9 years, and my experiences in that role serving the residents of the Brookdale neighborhood led me to seek to expand upon that ‘service’ role and work for my neighbors in the Township.
My top three priorities are (1) cost-cutting, (2) cost-cutting, and (3) cost-cutting. My 30 years of experience in Supply Chain Management with cost savings, logistics, and analyzing market trends will be valuable in driving down Township operating costs and your taxes.
I believe that the Township as a governing body provides an integral layer between county and city government entities. The dispersion of oversight for essential services to other entities – IMHO – would cause undue stress on said entities that are not as closely related to the constituencies that are served. Effective cooperation between existing governmental entities is crucial to improving efficiencies and effectiveness for all involved.
Expanding on my above comment, my focus will be on implementing economies of scale in reducing costs in all service areas that the Township provides by consolidating and leveraging buying power for said services.
I currently have two webpages that allow our township residents to contact me to discuss/critique the issues that affect them and how we can better address those issues. Once elected I intend to expand my online presence - and not via Twitter. Communicating your hopes, dreams, and ideals via a maximum of 140 characters does a great disservice to our constituency. logo


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