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  • Eddie Bedford (Dem)

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    Rachel Ossyra (Rep) International Business Manager, Mechanical Engineer

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Tell us about your background and decision to seek this office?

What are your top three priorities? What do you hope to accomplish in your term?

Some question the need for township government in this day and age. What are the services that the Township can best provide? And why?

There is a referendum on the ballot that, if approved by the voters, would consolidate the Naperville Township Road District and the Lisle Township Road District into one consolidated road district. Do you see any other services that could be consolidated with or shared by the surrounding cities, counties, townships or other governmental bodies?

What is one major change you would like to see in the governance of the Township?

How will you reach out to include more resident communication and seek more input from your constituents who are currently not actively involved with township government?

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I have been a Naperville Township resident since 2003. I was elected Naperville Township Supervisor in 2013 and have kept my commitment to streamlining government, creating an accountability culture with full transparency and reducing taxes. I believe Township government must benefit all residents and taxpayers. Under my leadership the Township has improved communication, and developed collaborative partnerships with social service providers and other local units of government that have reduced costs and improved services. Taxpayers have experienced real and sustainable property tax relief through levy reduction of over 10%. I have been a tireless advocate and respected leader in promoting collaborative reforms to streamline the Road District to reduce costs for taxpayers. Jointly with Lisle Township resident, Kevin Coyne, I filed the petition to put a binding question on the April 4, 2017 ballot to merge the Naperville Township and Lisle Township Road Districts together into one.
1.IMPLEMENT MORE EFFICIENT SERVICE DELIVERY MODEL THROUGH COLLABORATIVE CONSOLIDATION & STREAMLINING OF TOWNSHIP GOVERNMENT. The Supervisor’s office has an opportunity to improve quality, scope and cost of our social services by combining efforts with the Naperville Police Social Services group, Lisle Township Supervisor’s office, DuPage Co Social Services, community social services providers and other established local entities. 2.FURTHER GROW COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS TO MODERNIZE DELIVERY OF EASILY ACCESSIBLE, OUTSTANDING SERVICE TO RESIDENTS. We have established valuable contract partnerships with many social service providers in Naperville & Aurora that enable us to provide township services more efficiently and effectively to residents than we would be able to do on our own. 3.CONTINUE TO IMPLEMENT SUSTAINABLE PROPERTY TAX REDUCTION. I commit to continue progress I've made during the last 4-years to identify & budget savings opportunities and realize property tax savings >10%.
In metropolitan areas, such as the Chicago collar counties, the primary responsibility of township government should be property tax assessment. Vital social services and road services can be administered more efficiently and effectively through municipalities and counties or through merged townships, which I will address in the next question.

The township property tax assessment process should continue to improve accuracy and cut costs by implementing technology advances and professionalizing staff and officials. Ultimately the township assessor role should evolve from being an elected office with minimal professional requirements to an appointed position filled by highly qualified non-political individuals. The Naperville Township Assessor's office does an outstanding job and is a leader in modernization and cost reduction and advocating for appraisal districts.

I don't believe that township government should take on any new responsibilities.
In metropolitan areas, such as DuPage County, which have strong municipal, county and non-profit social services, we should carefully examine combining township supervisor's and clerk's offices together and/or merging them with the municipalities and county. In addition to developing the Supervisor’s office streamlining opportunity, I will advocate for a Southern DuPage County Township merger through action of the DuPage County Board. Existing legislation allows County Boards to approve mergers of townships within the County. I would propose a citizen-led process to examine the cost and service benefits of merging the Naperville Township, Lisle Township and Downers Grove Township Township Supervisor’s and Clerk’s offices together. We could deepen coordination and improve services for residents (transportation, senior services, low income assistance, veterans advocacy, youth services) while creating new efficiencies to reduce costs.
Transparent governance is very important to me, and I have made enormous improvements during my 4 years in office. After taking office, I quickly brought the Township in compliance with the Open Meetings Act by posting meeting agendas and minutes on time. I created board meeting packets which were sent to all elected officials and posted on the public website at least 48 business hours before the meeting. I have ensured closed session meetings and records are appropriately conducted and maintained. I immediately had governance and ethics training conducted for the new board. I put together a comprehensive system of governance policies, which were lacking. I also instituted video recording and posting of the board meetings on a YouTube channel last year. This will continue to be a major area of focus, and I would like to have an independent audit of our governance processes to identify opportunities for improvement.
I would continue our TRIAD and senior services outreach, and transparency initiative. I would seek more outreach with homeowner associations and utilize more types of communications including social media, surveys to gather input and communicate about Township services and opportunities.

I have talked to many constituents who are following and are encouraged by our streamlining efforts. The #1 feedback I have received is to continue those efforts. We also received very strong feedback to a non-binding referendum question on consolidation last November, with almost 90% in favor of consolidation that provides cost saving and maintains quality of services. People would also like to find information about local government in one source and not have to seek it many different places. logo


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