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Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney

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    Chris Boyd

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    Greg Chaney

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1. What are the most important challenges facing your county and how do you propose to address them?

2. What specific qualifications do you have to effectively address these challenges?

3. How will you continue to be engaged with your constituents?

Campaign Phone 2089122021
X known as Twitter @IdahoProsecutor
The surge in drug-related offenses, especially with fentanyl...

The growing presence of gangs and violence...

The feeling that our community is becoming “unsafe”...

These concerns are what drives me to run for Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney. The Prosecutor's Office needs leadership that is engaged, experienced, and passionate. Our law enforcement officers, who put their lives on the line every day, deserve a partner in the Prosecuting Attorney's Office that matches their dedication to justice.

My record speaks for itself. I've held criminals accountable, fought tirelessly for victims, and stood up against injustice. Now, I intend to bring my experience, my passion, and my commitment to justice back to Canyon County. We face a critical time where the choice of our next Prosecuting Attorney will shape our community's future.

My journey began here in Canyon County, where my career as a prosecutor took its first steps. Over the past decade, I've prosecuted thousands of cases, ranging from drug trafficking to child sexual abuse to murders.

After taking more than fifty of those cases to a jury trial verdict (more than many lawyers will do in an entire career), I learned the value of justice and the importance of standing up for those who have been wronged.

I even served as the Adams County Prosecutor for six years, where I continued to fight for justice, provided legal advice, and represented our county commissioners in civil litigation matters.

In 2004-2005, I deployed to Iraq with the 116th Brigade Combat Team of the Idaho Army National Guard. Leading a team in a combat zone, I understood what it truly means to serve and protect.

It's this combination of experiences, both in combat and in the courtroom, that’s shaped my approach to prosecuting.
As a prosecutor, I am accustomed to seeing the hard edges of society, and handling some of the heaviest and darkest things human beings do to each other. That makes talking with good, honest people a real recharge for me. I love to hear questions and my door is always open. A call or a text is always welcome, and after cases are closed and I am allowed to ethically comment, I appreciate the opportunity to give transparency to the process by giving as much information as I am permitted by law.
Campaign Phone 208-495-6364
X known as Twitter @gregchaneyidaho
The single biggest problem facing Canyon County is the fentanyl reaching our streets after it comes across the southern border. There is no room to waiver on tough sentencing for people trafficking fentanyl into and through Idaho. While treatment and recovery focused solutions may be appropriate for some who are struggling with addiction, there can be no easy way out for those who are feeding the problem and killing our children. The Prosecuting Attorney is also the County’s civil attorney. The County is exposed to expensive lawsuits whenever civil laws are violated, whether related to human resources, open meeting laws, or public records. Being willing to represent the people of the County and give frank, honest legal advice about what the law says (and not about ways to skirt the law) given to County officials and employees is the only way to combat this issue.
It’s important to remember that the Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is a 93-person department that requires a sophisticated level of leadership and vision to oversee such a large office irrespective of the office’s priorities. I have a long history of leading the charge against the fentanyl epidemic and supporting strong sentences for drug traffickers. Through 8 years in the House of Representative—3 of which as chairman of the Judiciary Committee—I have abundant experience coordinating and directing policy and priorities. I also have managed my own law office for several years. In that time I have daily experience supervising a team of other attorneys, helping them manage their caseload, and contributing to their professional growth and development. The number of our Canyon County neighbors that I have represented or advised during the time my office has been open number in the thousands.
The Prosecuting Attorney’s office and improve public safety and public trust through community engagement and education. I will expand the emphasis on community education and help bring awareness around the things we see in the courtroom to the community: fraud scams targeting seniors, new cyber threats for parents to watch out for, loss prevention trends for local businesses. I also want to help engage the community in understanding how government works—both with criminal prosecution and with the civil side of the office on matters such as open meeting law, zoning, and public records.