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Pennsylvania State Representative District 80

Description of office: The General Assembly is the legislative branch of government in Pennsylvania. It is composed of two houses: the Senate is the upper house, and the House of Representatives is the lower house. A majority vote in both houses is necessary to pass a law. The PA House of Representatives consists of 203 members representing one district each, with an equal number of constituents. Representatives must be at least 21 years old, have been a citizen and a resident of the state four years and a resident of their respective districts one year before their election, and shall reside in their respective districts during their terms of service. The House develops budget packages, makes taxation decisions, allocates spending, and passes laws (including redistricting in collaboration with the Senate). The House also has the exclusive authority to impeach public officials. Representatives also serve on various policy committees that may propose legislation. Term: 2 years Salary: $106,422 Vote for ONE.

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    Scott Barger

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What do you see as the most pressing issues facing Pennsylvanians, and how would you address them?

What changes would you support making to Pennsylvania’s voting laws to expand access, ensure security, and support local election officials and processes?

What legislation would you support to comply with the Commonwealth Court's ruling that Pennsylvania’s school funding system is unconstitutional and must be reformed?

What changes, if any, would you support making to Pennsylvania’s abortion laws?

County Blair
Occupation Businessman
Education M.Div.
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In rural PA, there are several issues which require focused, state-level leadership. From the threatened collapse of volunteer-based fire and EMS services, to the decline of downtowns, to the rise of cross-generational addiction.

Most of these issues require bully-pulpit leadership from elected leaders at all levels. For fire and EMS, we'll need a serious call to volunteerism and community spirit, while still finding ways to reward and incentivize through education and tax benefits. The addiction issues stem from a combination of spiritual despair and the realities of eroded family structures, as well as conflicting messages from leaders. It is bad policy fund public priorities like schools on revenue derived from addictive substances.
I support a simple, commonsense requirement of voter ID. I support the repeal of Act 77—and no-excuse mail-in ballots, while supporting a return to traditional absentee ballot options. I believe we need to restore a sense of urgency for a bipartisan emphasis on local monitoring and enforcement of election laws. We need judges of elections and poll watchers who understand their critical role in protecting the democratic process.
Pennsylvania's promise of equal and equitable funding for public schools has been a consistent disappointment and failure. We know that the average of $17,000 spending per pupil has not produced results commensurate with that investment. It's not working. While I support Governor Shapiro's early call for more school choice, I strongly oppose the notion that adding billions in state revenue to fund traditional classroom instruction will have the desired effect. We need to fund students, not buildings. We need to make sure the dollars follow the needs of a child—not subsidize programs and projects that have little to do with better outcomes.
I support Pennsylvania's existing laws requiring parental notification for minors seeking an abortion. I support programs that provide immediate help for women in crisis situations—especially in situations where domestic violence is likely and the prospect of coerced abortions increased. Defunding the Alternatives to Abortion program was shortsighted and irresponsible. I support banning abortions for children pre-diagnosed with Downs syndrome. I support a law prohibiting abortions when a heartbeat is detected. I support a permanent ban on tax dollars for organizations like Planned Parenthood—or any organization that counsels or promotes abortion.

Ultimately, I support extending life-affirming, legal protection for all pre-born children.