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FULL TERM: 4 YEARS - COMMENCING 3/11/2023Vote for not more than 1Responsibilities:  To collect taxes in the county and its subdivisions, disburse expenditures, and invest the county s funds.

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Biographical Information

Why are you running for this position?

What in your background qualifies you to serve as the Ashtabula County Auditor?

What are the most pressing issues facing the Ashtabula County Auditor? What solutions would you recommend to solve these issues?

How does the position of Auditor help to shape the county's future?

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Occupation Progressive Insurance
Position You Are Seeking County Auditor
Age 49
I think it is important for the Auditor to have an appropriate impartial and arms length relationship with the other county elected officials in order to function correctly. The County Auditor should not be actively and publicly campaigning in support of policy decisions made by other county elected officials.
I have served 16 years on Geneva City Council including appointments to the Geneva Union Cemetery Board and the Northwest Ambulance District Board.
Although the position is a partisan elected position it is important that it operates with independence and restraint. Much like an umpire in baseball the Auditor should fairly and accurately call balls and strikes and make sure that the rules are followed.
The most important thing that the Auditor can do to shape the county's future is to confidence to all taxpayers that the office provides independent, timely and accurate information.
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Campaign Twitter Handle @@davidthomasoh
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Occupation Ashtabula County Auditor
Position You Are Seeking County Auditor
Education MBA Baldwin Wallace University 2018, Bachelors Washington and Lee University 2015
Age 29
I am running for re-election because I have fulfilled the promises I made to the voters in 2018- to lead with Accessibility, Transparency, and Customer Service. I want to ensure those values stay in your Auditor's Office and I will continue to deliver on these promises.

At a time with so much uncertainty, it is important to keep the Auditor's Office working for you. Being Transparent and Accessible to the public has been at the forefront on my first term which has led to better service to you. Even those who may disagree with my Party affiliation will find it difficult to argue I have not fulfilled my promises of Accessibility, Transparency, and Customer Service.
Serving as County Auditor in my first term has allowed me to know what works, what doesn't, and take action to make many improvements and better services for taxpayers. My background in office displays that I have delivered on my promises, am engaged and energetic with the work needing to be done, and am always looking at how we can better serve our residents.

Now is not the time for absent or reserved Office Holders but rather active and engaged leaders. My first term has displayed how involved and present your Auditor's Office should be in important issues.
With the current housing boom, real estate values are increasing at large rates. With an update year happening in 2023, successfully completing that process impacting every resident will be crucial. Also, marketing and educating our taxpayers on this impact is just as important.

Our 2020 Revaluation was the most Transparent Revaluation in Ashtabula County with mailed postcards for the first time, online data and complaint opportunities, constant updates to residents, and an easy process to appeal values. Having the leadership in place which can do this and more next year is vital.
The Auditor is the information hub for the County. This is why I ran in 2018- we need good information shared right. Our office touches every department, every local government, and every resident daily. This is why the role of Auditor is so valuable in ensuring taxpayers are being educated and contacted, and local governments are being assisted.

Daily I speak with other local officials or even state officials about our office and what we are doing in conjunction with them to benefit the County. I believe this priority of communication, planning, and forward thinking is helpful and needed in today's day and age.