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Ohio Representative        99 (1 from each district)        $68,673*        2 yrsResponsibilities:  To represent the people of the district and the State of Ohio in dealing with matters not allocated to the federal government.  *Base salary.

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    Angela King

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    Sophia Rodriguez

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1. How do you view our election system? What changes, if any, will you make?

2. Under what circumstances is it appropriate for the state to support or check local government?

3. Do you believe that public education is fundamental to our democracy? How will you work with other state entities, such as the State Board of Education and the Ohio Department of Education?

4. What will you do to combat gerrymandering and ensure that voter-approved redistricting reforms are implemented?

5. State your position on efforts to protect our water, air, land, and climate.

6. State your position on government oversight of gun ownership and safety.

7. State your position on women’s reproductive rights and health.

8. What will you do to ensure that public trust is not violated by government officials ?

9. How do you view Ohio’s criminal justice system? What changes would you make?

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Education Graduate of Celina Schools, with a BA in Spanish from Ohio University and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Wright State University
Training and Experience Rodriguez is a high school Spanish teacher in Coldwater School and co-manager of her family restaurant of 41 years in Celina. She has served on the Mercer County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Ohio Education Association Board of Directors, National Education Association Board of Directors, President of the Western Ohio Education Association, President of the Coldwater Teachers’ Organization, Chair of the Ohio Education Association Hispanic Caucus and former President of Celina City Council
Voting is so fundamental to our system of government, that every legitimate option and opportunity to vote should be considered. The election system we currently have in Ohio is flawed. First, we do not give every eligible voter easy access to register. Second, we do not give those registered voters an accessible avenue to vote easily. Instead, our state has set up limitations for voters to vote, such as times to vote, a limited number of ballot boxes, limited voting areas and opportunities to vote. It’s almost as if some leaders don’t want you to vote. I would support an automatic registering system to vote when an Ohioan turns 18. I would also support ballot initiatives to make voting opportunities accessible and consistent for all eligible voters in every county across Ohio.
State governments should support local governments with resources to implement policies and laws that keep their citizens safe, protect financial securities, respond to climate emergencies, and support public education. Whenever rights or protections have been taken away from a class of citizens, then, the state must restrain or check to be certain local governments abide by laws created by the state that protect all.
Yes, I believe public education is fundamental to our democracy as it should mirror what our democracy stands for. Our democracy stands for equality for all, protections for the marginalized, and securities for the underprivileged. I will work with both the State Board of Education and the Ohio Department of Education to create policies that are beneficial for all learners AND all educators. I support efforts by both the State Board and the Department of Education that advance funded professional development, provide appropriate learning resources, and equal funding for all school districts, no matter the zip code. I believe education is the great equalizer, and it is the responsibility of Ohio elected officials to help create an educated, productive, and advanced Ohio.
As a candidate of a gerrymandered district -- and once again, a ruled-unconstitutional-district -- I will make every effort to assure the voters get to choose their candidate. I would like to sit on the Redistricting Committee and actually listen to the voters of Ohio, ensuring that fair district lines drawn. I believe reasonable boundaries can be found. Once those lines are known, those who wish to represent their districts will step forward, declare their candidacy, and the process of fair, equitable representation will work as originally intended.
Everything we sell, buy, create, and do leaves a carbon footprint for generations to come. I believe we must invest and financially support communities and industry that make efforts to protect our water, air, and land throughout our nation. We must trust science to guide us. As an example, the automotive industry has committed to shift to vehicles powered by renewable energy. This is absolutely going to happen. They made this decision in response to government initiatives for cleaning up our environment and setting an example to the rest of the world. I believe we can make these long-term goals by working together. We are proving that this working relationship with industry, the community and our government is not only possible but necessary.
I believe there must be a higher level of accountability for owning a gun. There must be a protocol of gun training, purchase, and storage. I don’t want to take away guns, but I do support stronger registration laws that would limit gun ownership of those with criminal records and mental health history.
I believe in reproductive freedom. Which is to say that women can decide, without government interference, reproductive choices, protections, and healthcare. ¡Que viva la mujer!
Transparency must be practiced on every level of government in order to best serve our citizens. Oversight, open channels of communication, and personal integrity are needed to ensure public trust. No one is above the law or above any rights of our citizens. As your state representative, I WILL serve as an example of integrity in office. I will absolutely practice an open-door policy with my constituents, colleagues, and community.
“Ohio’s Criminal Justice system is responsible for providing public safety by deterring and preventing crime, punishing offenders, and reintroducing those who have served their time back into the community. The criminal justice system is based on the body of laws that define crimes and offenses, and specify what punishments are appropriate for those crimes.” -

Legislation must be created and enforced by appropriate and dignified leadership. It begins when elected officials are chosen for their principles and integrity with priorities in social and criminal justice. Finding ways to keep offenders who have served their time, from returning to prison, seems like a noble goal, and the right thing to do.