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Ohio Representative        99 (1 from each district)        $68,673*        2 yrsResponsibilities:  To represent the people of the district and the State of Ohio in dealing with matters not allocated to the federal government.  *Base salary.

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    Thomas Hall

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    Lawrence Mulligan

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1. How do you view our election system? What changes, if any, will you make?

2. Under what circumstances is it appropriate for the state to support or check local government?

3. Do you believe that public education is fundamental to our democracy? How will you work with other state entities, such as the State Board of Education and the Ohio Department of Education?

4. What will you do to combat gerrymandering and ensure that voter-approved redistricting reforms are implemented?

5. State your position on efforts to protect our water, air, land, and climate.

6. State your position on government oversight of gun ownership and safety.

7. State your position on women’s reproductive rights and health.

8. What will you do to ensure that public trust is not violated by government officials ?

9. How do you view Ohio’s criminal justice system? What changes would you make?

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Twitter @mulligan4oh
Education Bowling Green State University
Training and Experience Bachelor's Degree in Music Education
I believe our election system is safe and secure. However, changes should be implemented to ensure that voters are not mistakenly purged from the system, and that there are expanded opportunities for constituents to vote early and by mail. I would like to reinstate “golden week” in Ohio to allow for citizens to register and vote early on the same day 35 days ahead of the election.
When an individual’s right is being infringed upon through local ordinances or in the case that there are ethics concerns of local officials. Otherwise, the governments closest to a community often have the best gauge on what is best for that municipality.
Yes. Public education is necessary to sustain for a well informed population of actively engaged citizens. Public education needs to be equitably funded regardless of the community and educators should be empowered to teach curriculums with agreed upon best practices and learning standards free of political interference.
The State redistricting commission should first follow the law passed by Ohio voters and thrice upheld by the Ohio Supreme Court. As a legislator, I would support additional state ballot initiatives to create an independent and neutral redistricting commission that will create a more transparent and balanced process to better reflect the electorate in Ohio.
Ohio’s natural resources are vital to our future generations and must be safeguarded. We need to repeal House Bill 6 which included bailouts of outdated energy methods and instead remove the interference and red tape preventing renewable energy from expanding in the State of Ohio. Our government should work in partnerships with the Environmental Protection Agency to hold industries accountable to their local communities. Our campaign is endorsed by the Ohio Environmental Council and supports evidence-based research and actions that will preserve our climate for the future.
Gun ownership rights should not be infringed. However, safety and responsible ownership should be regulated by the State. The recent laws passed in Ohio including but not limited to: carrying without a concealed permit, stand your ground, and arming teachers with minimal training is a dangerous backslide on the safety of our communities. Our campaign has earned the Mom’s Demand Action/ Everytown gun sense distinction and pledges to advocate and work towards responsible gun laws.
Reproductive health decisions should be a private medical decision between a woman and her doctor. Our campaign received the endorsement of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio and Pro-Choice Ohio.
It is a constant effort that relies upon transparency and the commitment to include constituents in the legislative process rather than special interests. The House Bill 6 scandal is a prime display of when government betrays the public trust and is enabled primarily by one-party rule in State governments due to gerrymandering. I would commit to greater ethics and oversight when passing legislation.
Ohio’s criminal justice system in in pace with the rest of the country and not an outlier. Therefore, many of the trends we see elsewhere also affect our communities. I would support bail and sentencing reforms to better reflect a more equitable approach to justice. Additionally, we should be empowering communities to foster better relationships with law enforcement agencies and enact policies in local schools to avoid the “school to prison pipeline.” Amidst a national push to decriminalize marijuana, we should consider the policies of neighboring states and examine commuting and expunging the records of non-violent felons who were solely charged with possession.