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Ohio House District 17

Term: 2 yearsBase salary: $68,674Incumbent Republican Thomas F. Patton of Strongsville will face off against Democrat Troy J. Greenfield of Fairview Park in this November s General Election.Patton has represented the current Ohio House District 7 since 2017. But with redistricting, he and Greenfield will be running to represent the new District 17.From 2008 to 2016, Patton served in the Ohio Senate; before that, he was in the Ohio House from 2003 to 2008. He beat out Ryan McClain in the August Republican primary. Greenfield ran unopposed in the Democratic Party primary.The new District 17 covers Brook Park, Fairview Park, Middleburg Heights, Rocky River, Strongsville, and parts of Cleveland s Wards 16 and 17.

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    Troy J. Greenfield

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    Thomas F. Patton

Biographical Information

Did the Ohio Redistricting Commission's work this year meet your expectations?

How could you help ensure that public trust is not violated by Ohio government officials, elected or appointed?

What governmental actions do you think could help protect our area's water, air, and land--and address climate change?

What possible changes to Ohio gun laws would you support or oppose?

How much power should the State of Ohio have over women's reproductive health?

Age 53
Education Cleveland State University - Bachelor of Arts - Organizational Business Management
Current employer DE&I Data Initiatives Contractor
Residence municipality Fairview Park, OH
Campaign HQ address 4585 W. 227th St, Fairview Park, OH 44126
Campaign email address
Campaign phone 216-299-7661
The Ohio redistricting did not meet my expectations this year. They didn’t execute what the Ohio voters demanded by voting for fair districts. The overwhelming request by the voters for the Ohio Redistricting Commission was tasked to create fair districts in Ohio. They did not meet this expectation and request by the voters. As a voter that supports fair districts, this was very disappointing and frustrating.
Trust is earned, not given. Trust is developed over time by consistently executing the role and responsibilities of an elected or appointed official with integrity and fairness. There must be oversite by the state's citizens and the legislative body of government to keep Ohio government officials trustworthy. The proper checks and balances hold each other to ethical standards and respect the public's trust.
Climate Change is happening all around us, and it’s vital to mitigate it as much as possible. A few ways to protect our area's waters are through regulations that stop dumping chemical waste in Ohio’s waterways. This is damaging to marine life and Ohioans’ water. A way to protect the air is by limiting the emissions in the air. The emissions contribute to warming the planet and causing more severe weather systems. The metro parks and other protected lands in Ohio are beautiful open spaces that contribute to a healthy environment in Ohio. The current laws and regulations should remain in place to protect these lands. Along with adding additional regulations as needed.
The Ohio Republican Legislature voted to remove the legal requirement for an Ohio resident to have a permit to conceal and carry a gun. This is the first Ohio gun law I would revoke. I do not support anyone being able to carry a gun without a permit. I support responsible gun ownership, but this law is not a responsible law. It puts more people at risk of getting hurt by guns, including the police. I support banning the AR15 military assault weapon that has been used to kill so many young children, teenagers, teachers, and innocent people. No one except the US Military needs to have assault weapons, like an AR15.
The State of Ohio should have NO power over a women’s reproductive rights. It is her body and her choice to decide when the right time is to have a child. The decision is private and personal for a woman, not the State of Ohio. As a woman, my first legislative initiative in the state house will be fighting for a women’s right to choose and make it a constitutional right for women to make decisions about their reproductive health. The supreme court overturning of Roe vs. Wade has turned the clocks back almost 50 years. Which has robbed women and girls of the freedom to make their own choices about their bodies. I will fight for you! My body, My Choice!
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