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Ohio Senate District 21

Term: 4 yearsBase Salary: $68,674Democrat Kent Smith of Euclid, who has represented the current Ohio House District 8 since 2014, topped John E. Barnes Jr., his only primary opponent for this seat, in August. Republican Mikhail Alterman of Beachwood was the sole candidate on the Republican ballot. Smith and Alterman are facing off in November.The new District 21 comprises Beachwood, Cleveland Heights, East Cleveland, Euclid, Garfield Heights, Highland Heights, Highland Hills, Lyndhurst, Maple Heights, Shaker Heights, South Euclid, University Heights, Warrensville Heights, and all or parts of Cleveland s Wards 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6. (Ohio Senate District 21 is made up of Ohio House Districts 18, 21 and 22.)

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    Mikhail Alterman

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    Kent Smith

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Did the Ohio Redistricting Commission's work this year meet your expectations?

How could you help ensure that public trust is not violated by Ohio government officials, elected or appointed?

What governmental actions do you think could help protect our area's water, air, and land--and address climate change?

What possible changes to Ohio gun laws would you support or oppose?

How much power should the State of Ohio have over women's reproductive health?

Age 46
Education Computer Engineering, Case Western Reserve University
Current employer PDBC
Residence municipality Beachwood
Campaign HQ address 3148 Richmond Rd
Campaign email address
Campaign phone 2162363711
No, the work of the Commission heavily favored Democrats. These were fruitless attempts at making the Ohio Supreme Court leftists and M.O'Connor happy. The court majority ignored the Ohio Constitution as amended; they didn't and still don't want to see anything that's not overwhelmingly pro-Democrat.

The Ohio Constitution and the law are clear: bipartisan commission draws lines. If there is no unanimous agreement then the old way/state legislature draws. The leftists and M.O'Connor of the Ohio Supreme Court took advantage of the US Supreme Court being busy and ignored the law. This is not the first lawlessness of the leftists on Ohio Supreme Court. Examples: 1. the can't take flight risk and community safety in bail. 2. the anti-poor people and anti-business decision on water+sewer run off/unvoted tax increases (how dare your roof and parking lots get in the way of rain water falling!). Their next logical step is to tax tears and makeup removal, because...'Clean Water Act'.
1. Don't vote for Democrats. This is the party of Russo, Dimora, and hundreds of other corrupt officials. Many more thousands of unindicted Democrats, but FBI has its own problems.

2. Reduce the problem by reducing their spending. The less money they hand out the less room for Cuyahoga and Ohio Democrat corruption.

3. Cut funding of counter-productive 'help' programs. The more Democrat government officials 'help' the more corruption there is. There are too many areas in which government officials in Ohio are butting into our lives.

4. Punish government officials for allowing leftists to riot without consequences.

5. Block government from deciding which businesses, churches, synagogues, etc. are essential. No exceptions.
As if this is anywhere near any kind of top problem list. This 'help protect' stuff is getting us energy poverty in years to come. Nuclear plants in Michigan, Ohio, etc. are being shut down or are unable to operate without handouts or bribes. We have coal plants shutting down. High chances of electricity being periodically shut off like in California.

We need to lower the cost of living, not make it more expensive for poor people to live by increasing green energy scams. We need to subject water and sewer bill increases to PUCO approvals. Force local unelected sort-of-government sewer and water places to renegotiate ridiculous one sided EPA consent decrees as in other states. Bring down gas prices: rollback the latest gas tax hike.
Places with no-gun carry signs should face liability if a conceal carry permit holder gets hurt or is unable to help others in cases of stabbings or shootings. Block local governments from having their own gun confiscation laws and regulations. This is United States of America, not united counties, united township, or united school boards.

Block counties from intentionally creating bottle necks for gun permits and other government approvals, as was the case during COVID months.
Note the question's widely-disliked 'politicly correct' terminology. Intentionally confusing voters with 'health' as opposed to abortion?

This is not a serious question and as such it deserves an answer in kind: I'm pro-abortion; I'm in favor of aborting the leadership of the Democratic Party. It's a very late term abortion. Think of all benefits for the environment, reduced carbon footprint.

On a serious note: I'm for what reasonable voters, who are a giant majority, really care about: lower cost of living. Limit property tax increases. Put caps on sales tax rates. Cut income taxes; make local government taxes substantially more difficult to increase. Cut the cost of government; cut government fees charged to citizens.
Age 55
Education Euclid High School graduate, 1984; Miaimi University graduate 1988; Masters Degree in Urban Studies from the Urban School at Cleveland State University 2001; PhD studies in Economic Development at the Urban School at Cleveland State University 2003- 2009.
Current employer Ohio House of Representatives
Residence municipality Euclid
Campaign HQ address 801 East 232nd Street, Euclid, OH 44123
Campaign email address
Campaign phone 216-509-7600
Campaign Twitter Handle @@KentKSmith
What began with grand optimism on Election night 2015 ended in profound disappointment with the adoption of the 2022 state and federal legislative maps. When State Issue 1 passed, with 71% of the vote, it changed the redistricting process with the goal of generating a map that more accurately reflected the political views of all Ohioans. But the GOP Ohio Redistricting Commission members did not act in good faith. Their work was embarrassing at best and corrupt at worst.

State Issue 1 contained new map making criteria such as representational fairness. Representational fairness means districts should attempt to reflect the Party loyalty of Ohioans. If you analyze election results over the past decade you will see that Republicans got 55% of the vote and Democrats 45%. The new maps are not representative. Ohio must pass a new constitutional amendment to remove all politicians from all map making responsibility. The map must be reflective of the voters wishes, not the legislators.
To repair public trust in Ohio, those responsible for the corrupt House Bill 6 legislation must be prosecuted. Corruption involving public officials undermines democracy. It lets the expectation of financial gain or increased power take priority over public officials’ duty to act in the best interests of the public they are supposed to serve.

This is what the former GOP Speaker of the House did when he passed HB6 – the bailout of the FirstEnergy nuclear plants. The corrupt bargain of HB6 was called the largest money laundering and bribery scheme in Ohio history. I voted NO on HB6. I voted YES to repeal the Nuke bailout and I have fought to repeal the coal plant bailouts from HB6 that remain and continue to cost Ohioans $233,000 a day.
As a State Rep, I have always fought for clean water and renewable energy. The Ohio Environmental Council rated me a 10 out of 10. Since the early days of my first term, I have been a member of the Great Lakes / St. Lawrence Legislative Caucus.

I have introduced legislation to keep Lake Erie clean of plastic microbeads and safe from invasive Asian Carp fish.

I am the lead sponsor of a bill to fix Ohio’s wind turbine setback limits and I helped lead the fight in the House to end the coal subsidies that are contained within the corrupt House Bill 6. I introduced legislation to convert our state fleet of vehicles to electric vehicles and to get the First Energy name off of Browns Stadium.
I believe the first, best step to reducing gun violence is to enact background check legislation that closes all security loopholes surrounding firearm sales. For example, if you are too dangerous to fly on an airplane, then perhaps you shouldn’t be able to buy a weapon of war.

Me and my Democratic colleagues are trying to do the right thing by enacting commonsense gun safety laws. Red flag laws, assault weapon bans, ammunition limits, and fixing the background check loopholes will help end gun violence and make our communities, schools, supermarkets, movie theatres and places of worship safer. We all want to live in a state where both citizens and law enforcement get home safely at the end of the day. Ohio deserves better.
The Legislature is not qualified to be the OBYGNs for Ohio women and we should have no power to do so. With the reversal of Roe, the Supreme Court decided that States, not women, should make reproductive health care decisions for half its citizens. In Ohio that has resulted in a 6-week abortion ban that has already forced a 10-year-old victim of sexual abuse to seek an abortion in Indiana. With safe, legal abortion eliminated then law enforcement could be forced to investigate miscarriages as possible homicides. But perhaps the most devastating ramification of the Roe reversal is without access to safe, legal abortion some women will die due to medical complications during pregnancy. FYI -I have always been endorsed by Planned Parenthood.