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Kittitas County Auditor

The primary responsbilities of the county auditor are: (1) recording of real property documents; (2) vehicle registration and licensing, issuing various licenses such as marriage and business licenses, and acting as agent for the state Department of Revenue in collecting certain fees and taxes); (3) elections and voter registration; (4) county financial audit and administration: and (5) acting as clerk of the board of county commissioners.

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    Bryan Elliott

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    Jerry Pettit

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Party Preference Republican Party
Phone (509) 929-5060
Experience (Max 500 characters) Bryan Elliott graduated from Ellensburg High School and received his degree in Political Science from Central Washington University. He served five years on active duty with the U.S. Army, including an overseas deployment in the Middle East. He is currently a Troop Commander in the Washington National Guard. Bryan, his wife Sierra, and their son Jack live in Ellensburg where he is a business consultant in the retail industry.
Campaign Mailing Address PO BOX 1315
Campaign Phone 5099295060
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Town where you live Ellensburg WA
As a native Kittitas County resident and US Army Veteran, giving back to our community is a calling for me. I care deeply about the future of our county and am seeking this role to positively impact our local government by improving the quality of service for our residents. I will do this by bringing over a decade of military and private sector business management experience to the Auditor’s Office as we generate innovative solutions to meet the current challenges of the office.
The Auditor’s Office has three main areas of responsibility: elections, budgets and finance, and customer-facing services such as vehicle/vessel licensing and recording services. Elections: We need to improve transparency measures and outreach to the community to ensure voters fully understand the processes and security measures in place throughout the elections process. Budgets & Finance: We need to improve communication and collaboration across the various departments of county government. It is also critical that the Auditor’s Office meets statutory deadlines regarding budget reports as prescribed by state law. Administrative Services: We must ensure that we continue to take a customer-centric approach to interactions with the community. This includes improvements to our website.
Elections: I will launch a review of our election security measures, and incorporate best practices from other counties that are leading the way in improving their election processes. Concurrently, I will increase outreach to the community and identify transparency measures that includes more citizens in the elections process. Budgets & Finance: I will provide engaged leadership in support of our Budget & Finance staff as we improve communication with other county departments. I will also lead a review of current processes to ensure the office completes and publishes all budget reports on time. Lastly, I will facilitate a taxpayer-centric mentality within the office. Administrative Services: I will leverage my private sector experience to ensure that our staff continues to provide excellent service to Kittitas County residents. I will also lead an overhaul of the website to improve accessibility, and I will explore ways to improve access to services for upper county residents.
Voter participation is directly tied to the level of trust that citizens have in our election processes. This highlights the importance of the outreach and transparency measures that I will implement if elected to this role. Additionally, our State Legislature has made significant efforts in recent years to pass legislation that improves voter access. I am generally supportive of measures that increase access, but they must be backed by funds, and they must always act in ways that support the security and integrity of our elections. As Auditor, I will use my position to influence effective policy at the state level that meets that intent.
As stated, I will lead a comprehensive review of our election security measures and processes. I will make the findings of the review available to the public and implement the necessary changes while maintaining the current processes that are working. I will lead with transparency and communicate with the community to build trust in the process. I will also actively reach out to leaders across the state to learn best practices for improving elections that we can implement here in Kittitas County.
Party Preference Democratic
Phone (509) 929-1591
Campaign Mailing Address 831 Number 6 RoaD
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Campaign Phone (509)929-1591
Campaign Email
Town where you live Ellensburg
I have been the Kittitas County Auditor since 2005. There are three words that are important to me in this position: authority, responsibility, and accountability. I have worked to provide the best customer service possible while continuing improve accountability and transparency within county government and elections. I recognize the authority that goes with the position, the responsibility for that authority and the accountability to the public for that authority and responsibility. I have been recognized for many accomplishments over the last 17 years for the ways we have improved through technology and efficiency. I wish to continue the innovation and improvements of the County Auditor’s Office. I care deeply for this county and the residents within.
The County is experiencing and will continue to experience significant population growth over the next several years. This growth will affect all operations of county government. In the Auditor’s Office, there is increased licensing transactions, recording transactions, registered voters and workload in the budget and finance division.

The growth is presenting challenges to maintain current levels of public service. Doing more with less is no longer something we talk about. It is reality. Technology, creative thinking, committed employees in the office and maintaining the partnership with the County Commissioners is imperative to continue the mandated and vital services the office provides.

Increased financial reporting requirements coming down from State and Federal agencies including implementing, monitoring, auditing, and reporting for all types of grants the County receives. Elections is not the only division of the County Auditor's Office.
I continue to look for ways through efficiency of operations and technology to minimize the affect growth has on the operation of the Auditor’s Office. We track the statistics within each division to understand transaction trends to proactively prepare for changes in the trends. We added a Vehicle Licensing Subagent in Ellensburg to help us keep up the with demand and better provide customer service.

Again, looking for ways to improve efficiency of the operation. One way we are getting ready to improve our service level in the Recording Division is to provide on line document search and purchase of recorded documents.

It is a huge challenge to keep up the increased reporting and accountability requirements for the financial statements, grants and budgets. Communication with State and Federal Agencies is imperative to understand and interpret policy and reporting requirements.
I am the only County Auditor who has been recognized twice for innovative voter outreach efforts. I work with all of our partners in the County to provide education to our voters. I work in conjunction with the Secretary of State and the Washington State Association of County Auditors to provide information to the voters across the State regarding the voting process. There is no magic button to increase voter participation. I am always open to ideas of how I might help.
Transparent, accurate and secure elections are paramount to the Democratic process. We provide voter education, outreach and observer training. We always invite the public to come to the Election Processing Center to watch what we do. The process is transparent. I support the efforts of the Secretary of State to enable a ‘text’ response for tracking individual ballots through the process. Voters are able to go on line to verify their ballot status. Replacement ballots are available on line no matter where the voter is. Ballots are counted, tracked, and secured though signature verification, opening, inspection and scanning process. Everything is logged, balanced and verified as the ballots move through to the vote tally. I wish for more voters to be observers of the voting process.