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Montgomery County Auditor

The Auditor serves as the county's chief fiscal officer, chief assessor, and sealer of weights and measures. As fiscal officer, the auditor is responsible for maintaining county financial records and issuing warrants for payment of county obligations. As assessor, the auditor is charged with determining property values for taxing purposes and transferring real property deeds. And, as sealer of weights and measures, the auditor tests and certifies the accuracy of various commercial measuring devices.Additionally, the Auditor serves as administrator of the county's data processing center and secretary to the Data Processing Board, secretary to both the Board of Revision and the Budget Commission, and deputy registrar for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Other duties include issuing dog and vendor licenses, certifying tax rates, administering various tax reduction programs and maintaining the county's tax map.

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    Karl Keith

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    K. George Kordalis

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What do you see as the most important responsibility of the County Auditor?

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How can the Auditor's office ensure equity in property evaluations?

Education/Experience Karl Keith has more than 40 years of experience in government finance, including 21 years as County Auditor and 39 years in county government. He is a Certified Cash Manager and earned a B.A. from Ashland College and an M.A. from Miami University.
Safeguarding public tax dollars and protecting the interests of taxpayers, property owners and consumers is the most important responsibility of the Auditor’s Office. The Auditor has a wide range of duties, and performing those duties in a manner that is fair and ensures accountability, transparency and responsiveness is my top priority.
I have dedicated much of my life to serving Montgomery County and have over two decades of unmatched experience as County Auditor. I have led the Auditor’s Office through a number of crises during my time in office taking advantage of new innovations in technology to make the office more responsive. We supported residents through the housing market crash and the Memorial Day tornadoes, and continue to push back against a state government that takes actions to shift more of the tax burden onto residential homeowners. I will always be prepared to do what is right for our property owners when market forces or natural disasters threaten their most valuable investment, and I will continue to take the fight to Columbus when the state government tries to give our homeowners and small business owners the short end of the stick.
As Auditor, I have taken the issue of equity in property valuations very seriously. Before starting our most recent reappraisal, we enlisted the help of the Miami Valley Fair Housing Center to provide mandatory implicit bias training for all of our staff and field appraisers. We also asked Fair Housing to review our valuation methodology, and they determined that our process is fair and equitable. Additionally, I have worked to expand access to the appeals process so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in determining property values. This effort has included the creation of virtual hearings and outreach into our local neighborhoods to demystify the Board of Revision process and educate property owners on how to schedule and prepare for a hearing to contest their property value.
Campaign Phone 937-224-1212
Education/Experience Attorney
It is the duty of the Auditor to see that every parcel of land and the buildings thereon are fairly and uniformly appraised and assessed for tax purposes. Ohio law mandates a general reappraisal every six years with an update at the three-year midpoint. We are coming up on the three-year midpoint assessment in 2023. In 2020, Mr. Keith increased residential property values an average of 15.5% countywide. The Dayton Daily News wrote an article about this “Astronomical Increase” on February 21, 2021. When elected, I will move to reverse these value increases; which in turn would lead to lower property taxes for the people of Montgomery County. Our Auditor’s Office is in need of becoming more modern. In addition to being a lawyer, I also have my real estate license. I have seen firsthand that how slow the Auditor’s Office has been when it comes to property transfers. I have had client’s wait months before receiving a deed to their home. This isn’t acceptable in 2022.
I am a lifelong resident of Montgomery County and product of the county’s rich public school system, youth sports, and faith community. I currently live less than five minutes away from my childhood home. I am a fiscal conservative and a small business owner. I am a self-motivated person; I am hardworking and earned everything I have. Unlike my opponent, who was gifted the position of Auditor twenty-two years ago by his political party. I possess the knowledge and skills which are required for this position. I have been practicing law for the past decade, operating offices in Dayton and Xenia. I am not beholden to the local political machine and not afraid to make hard decisions. I believe in truth, transparency, and an intellectually honest conversation to determine the best non-partisan solutions.
Montgomery County is in need of a change. The county has been run by career politicians, like Karl Keith, for far too long. Mr. Keith has been the county auditor since Bill Clinton was President. Under Mr. Keith’s watch, Montgomery County has become one of the highest taxed counties in the State of Ohio and has seen a mass exodus of Fortune 500 Companies (NCR, Mead Paper Company, & Dayco). Montgomery County remains a strategic location in the Midwest. The county is at the cross roads of two major interstate highways; our county should be a hub for business in the Midwest. I want to make Montgomery County a business-friendly county. I believe lowering property taxes in the county will make it competitive once again in this region. Lowering property taxes will also keep families in Montgomery County. In this time of high inflation families are looking to cut costs and save money. Families have been leaving Montgomery County for surrounding counties because property taxes are lower.