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Ohio State House District 40

The 40th Ohio House District includes the northern portion of Montgomery County, including Huber Heights, Union, Clayton, and Butler and Clay Townships. The district also includes all of Preble County and a portion of north central Butler County.Responsibilities of a state legislator: To represent the people of the district and the State of Ohio in making laws which deal with matters not assigned to the federal government. Term of office for Ohio Representatives: 2 years.

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    Amy Cox

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    Rodney Creech

Biographical Information

What is your view of the way redistricting has proceeded in Ohio this year?  What will you do to ensure that voter-approved redistricting reforms are implemented?

How do you see the Legislature's role in determining curriculum and policy for local school districts?

What measures would you support to ensure the safety of Ohio's schoolchildren?

What is your position on women’s reproductive rights and health?

What is your position on development of renewable energy sources in Ohio?  What are your recommendations to address climate change?

Campaign Phone (937) 654-6678
Education/Experience Amy Cox has a BS in Biology and a Master Degree in Science Education. Amy has worked in public schools in the area since 2003. Amy taught in both urban and rural districts. Amy is married to a Union Ironworker and has 2 sons, Grant and Lee.
The way redistricting has proceeded in Ohio is criminal. The only way to insure that one party cannot hijack our democracy through gerrymandering is by drafting and passing legislation that leaves the law makers out of the entire redistricting process. It must be completely independent of those who stand to gain, lose or retain those seats.
They should be in a support type role. Period. Most law makers were never teachers and many weren't even thriving students. Their job is to listen to the people and experts in their communities and address those needs. The current law makers in the majority may do this for certain people who want to restrict freedoms and rights of the people in our communities, but they lack the knowledge and experience of what real families and schools go through from day to day. Public schools are something to be dismantled and defunded in Ohio according to the legislative actions of the Ohio GOP, who have been in power for decades now. Public school funds should not be available to private companies disguised as voucher or charter schools, these are vessels of theft. The stealing from kids and taxpayers should not be a side hustle for elected officials and their rich buddies.
Our latest legislative actions on guns just made it easier for anyone to conceal carry and ensured that teachers can also carry with some training and without qualified immunity. The FOP and Education Unions actively lobbied against these very laws and were ignored. They are still ignored by the very lawmakers that voted to make their lives and jobs more dangerous. Moreover, I have yet to meet a teacher or student who thinks this is a wise move. Schools need trained officers to handle the threats, and they need teachers to teach. Officers also need less people with unregulated access to extremely deadly firearms. The results of more unregulated access to guns is more death. We must listen to the experts and draft appropriate legislation. Imagine if the NRA had taken all their money and invested it in education programs instead of giving it to politicians. I often wonder if the leading cause of death for kids would not be guns now. You get what you pay for.
Women's reproductive rights are basic human rights. Reproductive healthcare is healthcare and is not the business of any lawmaker. Ever. The only healthcare legislation I am interested in drafting and supporting is legislation to expand access and affordability to everyone who needs healthcare.
We don't have a choice but to develop renewable energy sources in Ohio. Climate change is here and Ohio rests in a relatively resilient area of the country. This means that migration from climate change will change the landscape and population of our state moving forward. We must be ready for the influx of change and decide how we are going to preserve our natural resources while welcoming the economic benefits to our cities and towns. This will take focus groups from all counties and experts on sustainable population growth models. My recommendations will always be expert and local government centered.
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