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U.S. House, Ohio District 10

The 10th Congressional District contains all of Montgomery and Greene Counties and the central portion of Clark County, including the city of Springfield. Responsibilities: To represent the people of Ohio, their district, and the United States in dealing with matters of national and international importance. The general welfare should be a prime concern.Term of Office: 2 years

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    David Esrati

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    Mike Turner

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What is the most pressing policy issue facing the federal government? What solutions will you promote?

What should Congress do to address immigration policy?

What steps, if any, should Congress take to assure free, fair and secure elections, and that every eligible voter has full access to the ballot?

What is the role of Congress in protecting the rights of women and LGBTQ Americans?

What is your position on efforts to protect our water, air, and land? Include how you will address climate change.

Campaign Phone 937-985-1312
Education/Experience Community Activist in Dayton for over 30 years, BSB Marketing Wright State, Veteran US ARMY, Paratrooper.
Twitter @@esrati
Small business, which creates a majority of the jobs in America, is being squeezed on both ends. On one end, government with inefficient policies and a total lack of support or understanding, and on the other by the giants of Amazon, Meta and Alphabet who are turning into giant toll collectors. It's time to create a much easier way for small businesses to register, run and pay their taxes than what we have now. Allowing companies like D&B and the Credit Reporting Companies act as gatekeepers of capital and data, has become almost unbearable for small business. The minority business contracting programs including the one for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (of which my business fits) is so convoluted and inefficient it's embarrassing. Small business needs help. We can't be a nation of coffee shops, yoga and tattoo studios and brew pubs. No American should be forced to keep a job because their employer manages their health care either.
This question is loaded. I'm a first generation American, and proud of it. Our xenophobia is an embarrassment. This needs to be the most welcoming nation on the planet for legal immigration. And if we're truly worried about immigrants taking our jobs- maybe we need to look at why that's been happening. The reason people from Central America come here is because the banana republics we've propped up for decades have lost control to a drug trade that relies on America's backward drug policies. If we fully legalize marijuana, and figure out that criminalizing drugs in our country has helped destroy the lives of so many Americans, we may be able to make sense out of immigration- and our labor force.
I started a 501(C)3 non-profit, The Modern Policy Institute, to put a true, real time, voter information system into place. We need to escape the confines of the two party system, which leaves choosing candidates up to a very small minority of voters- and move to ranked choice voting. We need to strike down "Citizens United" and create a verified, real time campaign finance reporting system. We need a unified system of not only explaining every public office and it's role and responsibilities in this country- that also reports every vote of every candidate so we can see if they are being paid to vote for something. I believe strongly in vote by mail- and to move voting to the 4th of July- it's the most fitting way to celebrate our independence and the rights that were granted upon us. Last but not least, we need a way for candidates to share their answers in a way that voters can see how the candidate matches up with their views. See for an example.
Congress must protect the rights of every American and even those who aren't citizens in this country. It's time to end discrimination, including pay inequity, and to stop pretending that somehow we're doing things right. This included a complete reform of our criminal justice system that has destroyed the lives of so many poor families- and relegated an entire part of our community to be a permanent underclass. Our biggest problem is that we've allowed our courts to be politicized, and that lawyers seem to have become a privileged class. We need to establish a better way to fund lawsuits over inequality than depend on the system we have. Access to the courts has become cost prohibitive for most cases.
The switch away from fossil fuels to clean energy can't happen fast enough. Yet, we've seen policies driven by energy companies prolong their grip on their money machine. Californians are now facing penalties for adding solar instead of encouragement. Electric cars are taxed extra in Ohio and our network of charging stations is a joke. Microplastics in cleansers are ending up in seafood. Weedkillers are ending up in breast milk. Oceans are rising, landfills are filling, ice caps are melting- and we're still not adapting and changing. Instead of shipping goods by efficient and clean electric rail- we're still using diesel trucks. Instead of high speed rail- we're still flying airplanes that are inefficient comparatively. That we still have lead pipes in places like Flint Michigan and Dayton Ohio needs to come before the next trillion dollar hypersonic missile development.
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