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Porter Township Trustee

A Trustee is an elected official responsible for administering the township, including such duties as providing township assistance, burial of the indigent, and maintaining the township budget.

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    Edward Morales

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Explain to voters the role of the trustee within the township government and to whom the trustee is accountable.

Township trustees are part-time positions. What will you do to ensure your availability to the residents of your township and respond to calls within 24 hours?

Many county residents are not aware of the beneficial assistance programs offered by the township trustee. If elected, how would you improve communication between the township trustee and the public?

Would you support collaboration between small townships within Porter County? Please explain your response.

What is the most important challenge facing your township government and what would you do to meet this challenge?

How will you keep the residents of your town informed of the your activities and decisions as trustee?

In Porter Township there are two major rolls, public safety and township assistance. Porter Township is also one the largest townships in Porter County without a municipality our office also serves as a conduit between our residents and Porter County Govt. roads, drainage property issues, our office will get these calls first we reach out to the proper agency to get these issues resolved. Trustee is accountable to the township board and our constituents they have a voice as well.
Our office has always been accessible 24 hrs. a day our phones are monitored daily this was a practice that has been in force with the trustees before me and it works well, we have established office hours Tuesday through Thursday 9am to 2pm but in most cases we have to tailor appointments to our clients' needs we can meet our clients any day of the week including weekends if needed.
Over the years many agencies now refer clients to us especially in the energy sector our office has always been engaged with our community and its needs.
Collaboration between all townships large or small is important most of us do it now, no township is the same we all have different challenges.
I took office during the first recession/ housing bubble, were in the calm before the storm right now I think this time will be much worst, second issue facing rural townships in Porter County will be providing ambulance service that responsibility will eventually fall back to the townships who for years was handled by the county owned hospital which the county no longer owns. the solution will highly depend on the strength of the economy and public input.
our meetings are open to the public, our policy on big issues have always been to create community forums that we would host at one our two fire stations and get public input when those issues arise. Our township does not have a large business district our tax base is provided by our homeowners, and they have the right to be informed if and when these challenges arise.