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Schererville Town Council Member Ward 4

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Biographical Information

What is the most important issue facing your community and how do you plan to address it?

How would you characterize your community’s relationship with the county government? Please elaborate.

If you are currently in this elected position, please describe your communication methods to residents in your community (outside of scheduled council meetings). If you are not currently in this position, please describe how you will maintain a relationship with your constituents if elected.

If elected, how will you promote diversity and inclusion throughout your community?

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being not important and 5 being extremely important, how do you rate the importance of residents and council members working together to address community issues? Please explain your answer and provide insight on how you would promote, encourage, and welcome resident input and collaboration.

Please explain your answer above and provide insight on how you would promote, encourage, and welcome resident input and collaboration.

What else would you like to tell us?

Campaign Phone Number 219-616-5801
Safety for our residents is the most important and we must continue to upgrade our manpower and equipment. I am committed to doing that. Addressing traffic issues town wide is a priority and I am committed to completing current projects to help these areas.
Schererville has a good relationship with our county government as we have worked on many important projects together ranging from drainage issues, road work, parks, and bike trail projects. We partner well and goal to maintain an optimal working relationship.

I am a current elected Councilman. I publish my phone number and email for residents to have easy access to correspond with me. I also communicate through neighborhoods social media groups. I go to neighborhoods in person and host gatherings to hear concerns.
As a present elected Councilman, I promote diversity and inclusion with all of our employees and town residents by continuing being a person who embraces everyone.
Very unimportant
Somewhat unimportant
Neither important nor unimportant
Somewhat important
Very important

I promote resident input on all issues that affect the community. I publish my phone number and email on all town websites or mailings, so they can communicate easily. I return all calls and emails. I visit different neighborhoods on a regular basis and sponsor gatherings to answer concerns in person. The town also publishes a newsletter bi-monthly to keep important issues in the public's eye. The Town has community meetings if there is an issue in their neighborhood.
I am a dedicated public official who enjoys working for the community. I relate well with people and consider their interest and concerns my priority.