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Lake County Commissioner District 1

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Biographical Information

What are the top two priorities you would address if elected?

What county infrastructure priorities do you believe need the most attention?

When reflecting on the COVID-19 pandemic, in your opinion, what additional recovery services, if any, should have been implemented to support residents? Please explain your answer.

If you are currently in this elected position, please describe your communication methods to residents in your district (outside of scheduled council meetings). If you are not currently in this position, please describe how you will maintain a relationship with your constituents, if elected.

How will you promote diversity and inclusion within the Lake County government and our communities?

Do you agree or disagree that communication (meeting announcements, agenda, minutes, public meetings) with the public needs to be improved?

Please explain your answer to the above question.

What else would you like to tell us?

Campaign Email
Infrastructure Economic Development
Roads Bridges Broadband
Workforce development as some jobs were permanently eliminated.
Directly through Lake County Government website.
Communicating availability of employment and/or opportunities for providing goods and/or services. Enforcement of County Ordinances in that regard.
The candidate chose not to mark a box
Are meeting are advertised for in person attendance. You can attend and/or participate via Zoom ,Webex, and Microsoft Teams etc.,
I takes duties and responsibilities seriously. Even though I am unopposed I don't take the voter, citizen or taxpayers for granted. I will do my best to serve their interest.