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Washington Secretary of State

The Secretary of State is the state's chief elections officer, chief corporations officer, and supervisor of the State Archives. The primary functions of the office are to register and license all domestic and foreign profit and nonprofit corporations, limited partnerships, and trademarks and to record related filings; certify elections, coordinate with the 39 county elections offices, verify initiatives and referenda, process requests for overseas absentee ballots, and distribute copies of election laws and regulations.

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Biographical Information

What is your record of public service?

What key issues will you address if you are elected to this office?

What legislative changes might you pursue to address these issues?

What is your opinion on the efficiency of handling and verification of signatures on referenda and initiatives?

What problems currently affect voter registration and return of mail-in ballots?

How will you help the citizens of Washington be confident that their ballots are secure?

What is your opinion on the adequacy of the handling and management of our public records?

Party Preference Nonpartisan
Phone (253) 281-5785
Experience (Max 500 characters) Nonpartisan Pierce County Auditor, 2009 to Present conducting hundreds of elections; Past President, Washington Association of County Auditors; Certified Elections Administrator; Certified Public Records Officer; Nonpartisan Tacoma City Councilmember, 2004 to 2009
Campaign Phone (253)281-5785
Campaign Email
Town where you live Tacoma
Campaign Twitter Handle @@nonpartisansos
For over 12 years, I’ve served as Pierce County’s nonpartisan Auditor. I’ve managed hundreds of elections, including three presidential elections.

From 2004-2009, I served as a nonpartisan council member on the Tacoma City Council.

I’ve served the public interest for decades, both in government and in the nonprofit sector. For example: Senior Policy Advisor for the Washington State Department of Commerce, working on Innovation Zones, Green Economy, and Workforce Development; Executive Director of the YWCA of Tacoma-Pierce County.

I volunteer to help young people and low-income residents build financial security through education, as well as employment and financial coaching. I’m also Rotarian, serve on the UW Center for Leadership and Social Responsibility board, am a Senior Fellow with the American Leadership Forum, and volunteer on the Washington State Bar Association Character and Fitness Board.
We have a trustworthy democracy when every voter feels welcomed, can easily participate, and believes that the system is fair and secure.

To increase participation, I will: Create community-tailored engagement programs; Make information available through employer partnerships; Expand in-person voter services; Increase language access; Assist differently abled voters with new technology.

To improve security and transparency, I will: Institute risk limiting audits for state measures or races; Establish a nonpartisan election observer corps; Perform penetration testing, hash checks, and air-gap audits

To lessen the impact of misinformation and disinformation, I will: Improve civic education; Support educators and organizations to teach critical thinking; Partner with organizations and schools to teach media literacy; Collaborate with federal agencies to detect election misinformation and disinformation.
Except for changes needed for disability access options, most of my goals require focus and expertise - not changes to law. However, I’ll partner with the legislature to gain support for these programs and seek funds as needed.

Longer term, I plan to work with lawmakers and stakeholders to review our state’s current “voting center” definitions and requirements. The program needs to be modernized to reflect voter needs and new technology.
As Secretary of State, I’ll identify new tools and technology to support electronic signature-gathering (petitions) and make recommendations to the state legislature to modernize the petition process.

Initiatives and referenda are sacred aspects of Washington’s democratic structure and an important feature of holding government accountable. Transforming these direct democracy tools will make referenda and initiatives more accessible. On the front end, reforms have the potential to reduce costs for citizen campaigns. On the back end, these same reforms can make voter verification and petition checks more efficient for election administrators.
Voters with disabilities must overcome significant challenges if they wish to vote privately and independently. I’ll collaborate with the disability community, security experts, technologists, and election administrators to find ways to: Allow voters with disabilities alternative methods of returning their ballots; Outfit public library branches with adaptive peripherals.

Voters who are learning English need more support. I’ll create a statewide telephone interpreter service with language-specific numbers that voters can call for free. They’ll be greeted in their primary language, then transferred with the interpreter to the election center.

I’ll also lead a technology initiative to find alternatives to signatures on voted ballots. While Washington’s rejection rate is low, it disproportionately impacts the very young, the very old, and people of color. The problem will grow as more digital natives join the voter rolls without a well-developed signature.
I will institute risk limiting audits. Currently, all counties conduct random post-election audits to compare batches of paper ballots with machine results. These random batch audits are very good. However, Washington needs a statewide audit to determine that the election outcome could not be changed by a scanning error or software tampering.

I will also develop a nonpartisan election observation program, utilizing volunteers who are experts in technology, law, accounting, database management, and statistics.

I would like to make anonymized, voted ballots available for inspection. With today’s technology, it’s possible to make ballots (but not the voter’s identity) viewable. I will convene election officials, security experts, and technologists to explore how we can make our elections more transparent without compromising privacy or security.
I’m a state certified public records officer with extensive experience in document management.

I want to push for technological innovations in: Search capabilities; Audio and language recognition; Reading handwriting.

I’ll help local and state agencies archive a broader range of mediums / formats and do so more efficiently. We must shift our mindset from imaging to true digitization, making the records interactive and richly indexed. The State Archives needs to ingest a greater variety of records and make them accessible more quickly.

I’ll work with museum directors and preservationists to form a tighter network. I will help communities improve archive storage to save state and local records, as well as connect our historical collections.

I’ll work assertively with the National Archives and Records Administration and our Washington State delegation to preserve the Sandpoint National Archives Center.
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Party Preference The UNION Party
Phone (360) 559-5730
Experience (Max 500 characters) Yes.
Campaign Mailing Address 2316 WESTLAKE DR SE
LACEY, WA 98503
Town where you live Lacey
If you mean 'politcal office', then I have none. If you mean political activism, I have dabbled since 1990. If you mean the Submarine Service and the Forest Service, then there you go.
Republicans claim the Vote is rigged. I think we should take their invitation to look directly at that. I think we should have a 'beauty contest' of all the Nations voting systems. Rank them point by point, state by state, top to bottom. Then, we might be able to show a jury some states represent thier people and some don't. Will it surprise anyone if the states that don't are red? Will it be a surprise if it is precisely WHY they are red? I think we should take our beauty contest to Court. Where there are rules. And a conclusion. Because this isn't even an argument. It's a fight. The repulicans are literally trying to take our government from us so they can own us. Just like slaves.

It's time for America to get rid of the republican party. The way to do that is form a new party, in the center. The main thing you need to do is nominate a presidential candidate and occupy the chair the republicans abandoned at the Presidential Debates. That is your opening. Sprint for daylight.

I'm suddenly interested in a law to make it VERY EXPENSIVE to try to use a bounty style law to attack the rights of someone in our state. Sort of a counter-bounty to raise funds to pay the first bounty, three times over. Perhaps this will prevent a cottage industry of recreational long distance lawsuits springing up in tiny towns all over the Country.

The vote beauty contest in my mind is organized through the association of secretaries of state, not a legislative initiative. But I am often wrong. And not a lawyer. A Court Case requires no legislation.

We should require presidential candidates to attend the debates in order to QUALIFY to be on Washington States's Ballot. That will mean 8 or 10 candidates at the presidential debate instead of two, nationwide. This will help make plain which are crazy. Something that seems not to be as obvious as it is.
Now that I have invested a nanosecond of thought on the matter, I do find the initiatives I sign at the Grocery a bit 1960ish. The application of technology might improve efficiency (he said quietly).
There is a checkbox you must check, when you move, or you won't be registered to vote. There is no reason for that checkbox. It should be eliminated. We should assume everyone wants thier rights.

The Postal Service is still in the hands of Louis DeJoy, and he is still sabotaging it. Precisely because he opposes absentee voting. We should add a month to the time we expect our ballots to spend in the mail. So we aren't 'knocked out' of the next election. And prepare to sue. DeJoy. Personally.
I would like to ask everyone to please think very hard about HOW ...YOU... would vote twice in Washington. How would you do it?

I'll wait.

Okay, now that you admit YOU cannot do it, please explain to yourself how Italians are going to do it with Jewish Space Lasers. How Hugo Chavez is going to do it from the grave. How democrats are going to do it without leaving a single trace of evidence, anywhere.

Now, let's all turn and look at Donald Trump. The most obvious and prolific liar the World has ever seen. The only president ever to try to LEAD A MOB to interfere with the vote. He's the guy who says there is a problem with the vote. And he needs to be put on trial for among MANY other things, for sending that mob. Can't call a voting system secure and let it be attacked by a mob, sent by the LOSER.

Lock Him UP! Lock Him UP! Lock Him UP! Lock Him UP! Lock Him UP! Lock Him UP! Lock Him UP! Lock Him UP! Lock Him UP! Lock Him UP! Lock Him UP! Lock Him UP! Lock Him UP! Lock Him UP!
Technology marches on. There are probably improvements to be made. But, jeeze... I don't know a thing about this.
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Party Preference Democratic Party
Phone (360) 322-4637
Experience (Max 500 characters) Washington Secretary of State, 2021 - present; Washington state senator, 2007 - 2021
Campaign Mailing Address 3309 114TH DR NE
Campaign Phone (360)322-4637
Campaign Email
Town where you live Lake Stevens
Campaign Twitter Handle @@electhobbs
My 15 years in the Washington state Senate and career as a military officer have strengthened my admiration for dedicated public servants. Recently, I chaired the Senate Transportation Committee and worked with communities across our state to advance Washington’s most pressing transportation priorities. My role working at the National Security Agency on active-duty orders and as a task force commander during the pandemic have reinforced my belief in competent, decisive, and compassionate leadership in times of crisis.
As your Secretary of State, my office will focus on three core priorities: cybersecurity of our elections systems, combating misinformation, and promoting voter outreach and equity across our state. Cyber threats from criminals, terrorists, and nation-state actors are frequent and sophisticated. County networks that support the tabulation of ballots are under attack, and our office will continue engaging to proactively eliminate these attempts at interference. As we all witnessed during the January 6th insurrection at our nation’s capital, viral misinformation about our elections process can quickly lead to violence if not addressed. My office, in collaboration with our local law enforcement partners, has worked to enhance efforts at identifying and stopping dangerous online misinformation before it leads to violence. My staff has also worked closely with our legislative partners, and recently received additional funding for voter outreach and education commitments.
Earlier this year, our office received historic funding after working closely with legislative partners. The Office of the Secretary of State is addressing modern cyber threats and election disinformation by adding staff focus on cybersecurity and voter outreach. These additions will greatly benefit voters across our state by protecting critical cyber infrastructure and empowering Washingtonians for community engagement. Regarding misinformation, our office recommended legislation to regulate the use of deep fakes used in campaign races. Unregulated deep fakes pose significant threats to our elections process given their appearance of legitimacy and credibility to ordinary viewers.
The initiative and referenda process guarantee Washington’s right to legislate. The Office of the Secretary of State is responsible for verifying gathered signatures, and ultimately notifies the state legislature of the results of the signature verification process. Washington Administrative Code makes clear the process for checking signatures, and statistical sampling methods repeatedly upheld by the courts have saved Washington taxpayers thousands of dollars.
My team and I have consistently identified the importance of increasing voter registration across our state. While Washington’s overall rate of registration is commendable, our office is committed to engaging every corner of this state to educate and inspire the remaining 10 percent of voting-eligible Washingtonians who are not yet registered. Increasing registration depends heavily on education and outreach efforts, and I am committed to providing dedicated resources that are unique to reaching every community. We will leverage proven communications by mail, text, radio, and TV to increase voter awareness of available tools like the online voter portal, Increasing our online presence will be critical for increasing voter registration, and my communications team is committed to educational campaigns informing voters of automatic registration offerings across our state.
The most recent and egregious example of an elected county auditor promoting falsehoods about the 2020 election and even allegedly tampering with voting equipment occurred in Colorado. Unfortunately, that is the most egregious, but not a solitary example. In Washington, we require all voting systems to be certified, a process overseen by our county auditors and codified in state law. My administration has taken the additional step of adding language to the Washington Administrative Code that would prevent inappropriate third-party access to our voting systems that undermines chain of custody requirements to limit intentional and inadvertent tampering.
It is imperative for public officials to earn and retain the trust of those they serve. Integrity is a value I have firmly embraced in both my military and civilian careers, and must be carried to the highest level by anyone serving in a public role. Under Washington law, all communications of our office are available to any member of the public, and our staff stands ready to assist individuals with public records requests.
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Party Preference Democratic
Phone (206) 779-6716
Experience (Max 500 characters) N/A
Campaign Mailing Address P.O. BOX 9250
Campaign Phone (206)779-6716
Town where you live Seattle
I served in the U.S. Military to protect our freedom, democracy, and the right to vote, and now I want to as Secretary of State to continue our free and fair election process.
Voter Education (Signature Rejections) Combating Election Misinformation Election Security
Funding voter education on social media platforms, tv, and or radio. Proposing a bill to Funding voter education on social media platforms, tv, and or radio. Proposing a bill to outlaw officials and others from spreading election misinformation.
I do not have a problem with the efficiency of handling and verifying signatures on referenda and initiatives. However, I would improve the efficiency of signature gathering because there is an issue with the signature being thrown out and unregistered voters.
Signature rejection is a known issue, and I would work to reduce the number of signatures that are rejected. I do not believe there are any Voter registration problems.
Educating the voters on how their ballots are processed would allow Washingtonians to be confident in voting.
The current system we have in place works well in my opinion.
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