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DC ANC 6A04 Commissioner

Duties: Serves as a member of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC). Commissioners represent the views of residents of their Single Member District (SMD). After deliberation and votes, the ANC Commission advises the Mayor, Council and executive agencies in local matters such as parking, zoning, traffic, liquor licenses, permits, etc.

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    Amber Gove

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    Alexandra Kelly

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What is the most important issue facing your Single Member District and how do you intend to address it?

How will you engage with residents to be an effective Commissioner, especially reaching those who are unfamiliar with the role and value of ANCs?

Is there a question you wish we had asked? If so, what is the question and how would you answer it?

Qualifications Served as Commissioner since 2017, Democrat, Mom to two DCPS students
Campaign Twitter Handle @@AmberGove
Increasing violence, in terms of gun and traffic violence, is eroding public safety. Compared to the two years prior, violent crimes in which a gun was used have increased by 52% in ANC6A in the last two years. Across DC, traffic deaths and injuries are at a 15-year high. In 6A over the last five years, five people lost their lives and 41 have been seriously injured on our streets. Every day we see aggressive drivers speeding and running stoplights and stop signs. They do so with impunity--knowing the low chance of being stopped by MPD. If re-elected, I will support comprehensive approaches to strengthen community ties, ensuring neighbors have opportunities to connect with one another, thrive and feel safe. I will work with MPD to expand community engagement and advocate for increased foot and bike patrols, violence interrupter and mental health programs. I will also continue to pursue traffic safety projects, including road diets, speed humps, and automated camera enforcement.
To be a good Commissioner requires listening to all voices—including those who aren’t in the room. I reach out to neighbors via my email list, phone, and flyers--and as I walk through the neighborhood each day. I use these exchanges to inform my recommendations to DC agencies. During my five years of service I have authored dozens of resolutions—each one informed by evidence, experience, and input from neighbors. On several occasions, this has put me at odds with a vocal minority who don’t want change. And in every case the end result has been appreciated by the larger community—including many initial opponents. Many residents believe ANCs have much more power than we really do. DC agencies must respond to our recommendations, but they don’t have to follow them.

I am the right person to serve in this role because I have the required passion, persistence and knowledge of how DC agencies work. I hope I can continue to serve my neighbors through this role.
Do you think density should be increased to accommodate the construction of new housing?

In the current 6A Commission Area, key areas for increasing density should include Benning Road, H Street and Florida Avenue. All of these corridors are directly located on transit lines and could support many more neighbors. I am supportive of growing our housing stock, particularly along transit-rich corridors, as a way to reduce the cost of housing, increase access to housing for teachers, police officers, and other essential workers, and reduce traffic and single-occupancy commuting. Housing, transit, job opportunities, education, and climate are all interrelated. Improve one and you are making progress on improving all of the others.
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