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Chaves County Commissioner District 2

Together with other members of the County Commission, represents the County and its interests in all case not otherwise provided for by law. Appoints elections officials to fill vacancies. The Commission is responsible for the County budget, County ordinances and resolutions, and zoning and business regulation in unincorporated areas, and sets policy for the operations of County government. Must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of district from which elected. Four-year term, no more than two terms in succession.

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    R Cliff Waide

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    Charles W Waltrip

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1. How have your experience and education prepared you for this office?

2. What are the biggest challenges facing the county?

3. How would you address them?

4. What should the county do to support economic development?

5. How would you propose to balance growth with water scarcity in an increasingly arid state?

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Campaign Mailing Address 9 Richmond Rd
Dexter, NM 88230
Campaign Phone (575) 317-4643
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With 28 years of military experience, including eight years as a Supply Sergeant, I have developed skills crucial for the role of County Commissioner. My extensive background in logistics, resource management, and strategic planning positions me uniquely for this job. I excel in managing supplies and leading large-scale operations, ensuring resources are effectively utilized. My military service has also instilled strong leadership qualities, a profound sense of duty, and the ability to perform under pressure—essential for managing county governance complexities. Further, my two years as a Non-Commissioned Officer have honed my record-keeping and interpersonal skills. These combined experiences prepare me thoroughly to foster our county's development and oversee its administration efficiently.
Our county confronts several substantial challenges, including critical issues like water scarcity and the need to attract a prefab housing company to Chaves County. These obstacles not only hinder our progress but also profoundly impact the everyday lives of our residents. It is essential that we tackle these challenges directly to significantly improve the well-being of our community and bolster our economic vitality. We can ensure a thriving future for all community members by addressing these issues decisively.
To address our infrastructural needs, I plan to leverage my logistics and resource management expertise to ensure that projects are completed efficiently and cost-effectively. For economic challenges, I propose implementing initiatives that attract new businesses and support local entrepreneurship, creating job opportunities and stimulating economic growth. My approach will be to collaborate closely with community leaders, businesses, and government entities to develop tailored solutions that meet our specific needs.
The county should focus on creating a robust infrastructure that supports business operations and attracts investment. This includes improving transportation networks, strengthening internet connectivity, and incentivizing businesses to set up in our region. Additionally, we should invest in workforce development programs that equip our residents with necessary skills for today's job market, matching local talents with emerging opportunities.
Balancing growth with our water resources requires a strategic and sustainable approach. We must implement advanced water conservation practices and technologies at municipal and residential levels. These could include enhanced water recycling systems, drought-resistant landscaping requirements, and incentives for water-efficient appliances in homes and businesses. Moreover, I plan to advocate for comprehensive urban planning incorporating water sustainability principles to ensure our county's growth does not compromise our water availability.