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Public Education Commissioner District 04

The Public Education Commission is a ten-person commission that is advisory to the Secretary of Education. The Commission authorizes and monitors all state-chartered charter schools. Commissioners must reside in the district he/she represents. There are four-year staggered terms. Districts 1, 4, 8, 9 and 10 are up for election in 2024.Comisión de Educación PúblicaLa Comisión de Educación Pública es una comisión de diez personas que asesora al Secretario de Educación. La Comisión autoriza y supervisa a todas las escuelas autónomas autorizadas por el estado. Los comisionados deben tener 18 años de edad, ser ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos y residir en el distrito que representan. Hay períodos escalonados de cuatro años. Los distritos 1, 4, 8, 9 y 10 serán elegidos en el 2024.

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    Rebekka Kay Burt

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Why are charter schools necessary?

What experience do you have that gives you insight into whether to charter a new school or renew a charter school?

What criteria are most important in evaluating new or existing charter schools?

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Campaign Phone 505-205-2054
Occupation Director of Business and Education Outreach
Charter schools offer families and students the freedom to choose the educational environment that best suits their needs, regardless of financial status or residential location. In New Mexico, all charters are tuition-free and public, ensuring accessibility to diverse educational programs not typically found in traditional neighborhood schools. This expands opportunities for students and promotes equity in education.
With experience as a middle school English teacher and working in the Public Education Department, I've gained firsthand insight into the positive impact of high expectations on student achievement. I've visited numerous schools across NM, distinguishing between successful and struggling institutions. This background equips me to assess whether to charter a new school or renew an existing one based on their potential to meet student needs and deliver quality education.
The most important criteria in evaluating new or existing charter schools include academic performance, student growth and achievement, adherence to educational standards, curriculum quality, teacher qualifications and retention, parent and community satisfaction, financial stability, and overall organizational effectiveness. These factors collectively ensure that charter schools are providing high-quality education and effectively serving their students and communities.