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District Attorney 2nd Judicial District

The District Attorney oversees the office that prosecutes and defends for the state in county courts, including civil and criminal cases in which the state or county has an interest, represents the county before the county commissioners, advises county and state officers upon request, and represents the county in civil cases in higher courts, except in suits brought in the name of the state. Elected for a four-year term.

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    Sam Bregman

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    Damon P Martinez

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Campaign Mailing Address P.O. Box 50535
Albuquerque, NM 87181
Campaign Phone 505-464-9872
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Occupation District Attorney
I have practiced law in New Mexico for more than 30 years at the local and federal level, and have been involved in thousands of cases, trying cases in front of more than 100 juries. I proudly began my career as an Assistant District Attorney in Bernalillo County, where I advocated for victims of crime and held offenders accountable. Currently, I have served as District Attorney for over 15 months, managing a staff of nearly 300 professionals who dedicate their lives to fighting for justice.
The safety of Bernalillo County is and always will be my top priority. Since becoming District Attorney, my office has tried more cases and has held more violent criminals accountable than this office has in the last five years. If elected, I will continue focusing on keeping violent people detained as their cases progress through the justice system. We also need to address the fentanyl crisis plaguing our community by working with community partners and securing more resources for treatment.
In Bernalillo County, we receive over 14,000 new cases a year, many of them involving repeat offenders. Those cases that involve non-violent crimes stemming from drug addiction, we try to divert into treatment programs. In 2023, we diverted over 2,500 people into treatment programs; most in the history of the office. For violent criminals – since becoming District Attorney – the pretrial detention rate in Bernalillo County has increased by 10%, keeping more violent offenders in jail.
In the 16 months that I have been District Attorney, my office has hired over 50 attorneys, who come from both in and out of state. Our tactics to attract attorneys who are best-suited for our office include providing incentives, competitive salary, regular employee appreciation, and providing extensive trial experience. Attorneys who begin a career at my office receive one-on-one training that is strategic and unmatched, compared to any other training for new attorneys in the state.
As District Attorney, I talk and meet with people on a daily basis. This includes conversations with colleagues, law enforcement, victims of crime, and many others. I have learned that having a dialogue is essential. I focus on listening and hearing their concerns in order to work together towards accomplishing common goals. It is especially important for the District Attorney to not only listen and meet with people, but also make an effort to gain an understanding of their perspectives.
I have made Albuquerque my home for over 40 years. My wife and I have raised three wonderful children here and I am a new grandfather to two fantastic grandbabies. I am a huge baseball and Houston Astros fan. I love my community and I love my job. I work with over 300 fantastic personnel, and two victim support dogs, Rosie and Woodstock. The people I work with every day are dedicated to making the community a safer and a better place, and so am I.
I have over 20 years of prosecutorial experience having served in 3 DA's offices, the AG's office, and 17 years in the US Attorney's office. President Obama appointed me to be NM's US Attorney. I'm proud of my record of service, including 21 years in the Army Reserves. I have weeded out public corruption, prosecuted some of Albuquerque's most dangerous criminals, gone after the cartels and fought for supports in diversion and re-entry for people struggling with addiction and mental health.
My top priorities are fentanyl, crime and public corruption. Leading through these crises requires expertise and judgement. I have the experience and the demonstrated Democratic values necessary to prosecute fentanyl dealers while providing effective prevention as well as supports for those struggling with addiction. I will put an end to sweetheart deals for fentanyl dealers and murderers, and I will convene a special grand jury for the APD DWI scandal.
This balance requires experience and expertise that can only come from decades of prosecutorial service. We must distinguish between people struggling with addiction and mental health issues and violent criminals and distributors who are feeding this crisis. The first group must be provided with supports through the diversion programs or specialty courts. The second group must be prosecuted with expertise and not given sweetheart plea deals as they currently are.
Having served in prosecutorial offices for most of my career, I have a vast network of experienced public prosecutors and I have the experience to determine which of them are best suited to help me make the DA's office the leader in getting us out of this crime crisis. I will recruit attorneys who, like me, are committed to public service. I will create and nurture an environment of impact and reward, and I will fight for increased salaries and benefits in order to retain these attorneys.
My career as a public servant in both prosecutors offices and the Army Reserves has given me an abundance of experience in navigating conflict and leading teams that know how to work through challenging personal dynamics in order to achieve our goals. I can not only handle these delicate situations with tact, poise, and expertise. I can also train and support my staff to do the same in order to maximize our impact and to build and sustain a healthy, positive work environment.
I have made serving New Mexicans my life's work and, throughout that time, I have demonstrated not only expertise but character and Democratic values. I have made difficult and often politically unpopular decisions because they needed to be made. When APD's officer-involved shootings reached unprecedented heights, I fought to hold them to a higher standard and provided them with the supports they needed to meet that standard. I have the leadership, experience and integrity this moment demands.