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NM State Senator District 13

Represents a district in the New Mexico State Senate, which has 42 members. In odd-numbered years, the legislature meets for 60 days; in even-numbered years, it meets for 30 days. The Governor may call for special sessions. Senators sponsor and vote on “reasonable and appropriate laws,” represent the constituents of their districts, and serve on legislative committees. Positions are unpaid, except for per diem expenses. Elected for a four-year term.

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    M Debbie O'Malley

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    Bill B O'Neill

Biographical Information

What abilities do you have that qualify you for this office?

What is your top priority, and how do you plan to address it?

What additional water policies and actions, if any, are needed in New Mexico?

What, if anything, should be done to improve public safety?

What programs or actions, if any, would you support to provide more affordable housing?

How can New Mexico diversify its economy?

Should legislators be paid a salary? Why or why not?

Campaign Mailing Address PO Box 6442
Albuquerque, NM 87197
Campaign Phone 505-918-2444
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Occupation Not Employed
In the early 1990's, I came together with my neighbors to force the environmental clean-up of the contaminated groundwater and soil in the Sawmill District left over by negligent industry. Later, I was the founder and first executive director of the Sawmill Community Land Trust, a nationally recognized affordable housing community. As a City Councilor and Bernalillo County Commissioner, I have successfully championed public projects and policies to uplift families and neighborhoods.
My top three priorities include reducing crime and gun violence, reducing homelessness and creating permanently affordable housing. Public safety and affordable housing are further addressed in subsequent questions. Regarding homelessness, more investment in transitional, immediate housing with wrap-around services is needed such as the proposed Palletshelter Recovery Village in partnership with the City and County.
We need clear, strong policies that prevent "produced water" from contaminating ground water used for agriculture, livestock and human consumption. We also need policies that assure those established communities--like the Village of To'hajille-has access to clean drinking water. It has taken over a decade for this native Village to gain access, and it was only through the threat of condemnation for easements on private land that this pipeline is finally under construction.
In addition to providing law enforcement with the tools they need to prevent gun violence and other crime in our neighborhoods, we also need to provide resources for families to succeed--from early childhood and youth support services to access to affordable housing, drug abuse treatment and mental health programs.
Given the high costs of construction, and high mortgage interest rates, we need to incentivize other forms of homeownership such as limited equity co-ops and co-housing to get young families and seniors into affordable housing. Also, cities and counties need to be able to easily access funding from the state to produce more housing.
By better preparing Individuals to work in an economy that promotes environmental sustainability --which includes solar, and other forms of renewable energy.
I support a paid legislature. I believe it would increase the diversity of the legislature. Serving one's community in this capacity should not be a financial burden.
Campaign Phone 505-450-9263
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Occupation Fundraiser
In my experience as a State Senator, I've found that proficiency grows with time. Presently, I feel I'm performing at my peak. I take pride in my extensive relationships in the Legislature, fostering effective representation. While steadfastly upholding my progressive values, I've also proven my ability to collaborate across party lines for our community's benefit. I understand firsthand the hard work required to get a bill to the governor's desk.
My aim is to make New Mexico a place where everyone thrives, no matter where they are. This starts with criminal justice reform, balancing safety with addressing crime's roots. We need strong support for reentering individuals. Also, I'm dedicated to expanding voting access and preserving our environment. Addressing these issues will create a New Mexico where success isn't limited by zip code.

New Mexico needs a comprehensive strategy for water issues. This means conservation, infrastructure upgrades, and drought plans. Managing groundwater sustainably, fair water allocation, and climate adaptation are crucial. Collaboration and public involvement are key. With these steps, New Mexico can sustainably manage water for people and ecosystems.
Enhancing public safety involves community policing, violence prevention, mental health, and substance abuse support, alongside stricter gun control. Tackling systemic inequalities and boosting economic opportunities in marginalized areas are crucial. Reforming parole with evidence-based tools, reintegration support, and alternatives to incarceration for non-violent offenders are vital.
In order to provide more affordable housing, there are a few different things the legislature can do to help. First, subsidized housing programs, rent control measures, and affordable housing trust funds. Mixed-income housing policies, supportive housing programs, and community land trusts are also effective strategies. By implementing these measures, we can work towards ensuring housing affordability for all New Mexicans.
Diversifying our economy means investing in renewables, tech, and tourism, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, promoting trade, and supporting education and workforce development. It also involves backing agriculture, film, and creative industries, along with forging economic partnerships. These actions reduce reliance on oil and gas, create jobs, and drive sustainable growth, ensuring a resilient economy for the state.

I proudly sponsored legislation advocating for legislator salaries. This isn't just about fair pay; it's about accessible public service. Salaries encourage diverse participation, ensuring broader perspectives in politics. Financial independence from outside influence is vital for effective representation. Professionalizing legislative bodies through fair compensation enables lawmakers to focus fully on their duties, driving meaningful change for our communities and society.