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Torrance County Commissioner District 3

Member of a three-person commission that is responsible for the county government budget, county ordinances and resolutions, and zoning and business regulation in unincorporated areas, and sets policy for the operations of county government. Elected for a four-year term with no more than two terms in succession.

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    Nathan M Dial

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    Linda Jaramillo

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    Mark A Martinez

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    Nick E Sedillo

Biographical Information

What abilities do you have that qualify you for this office?

What is your top priority, and how do you plan to address it?

What more can the County government do to improve public safety?

Should County government do more to address water availability and quality? If so, what would you support?

Should the county take any steps regarding the Torrance County Detention Facility? If so, what would you support?

Should the County play a more significant role in planning for, communicating about, and responding to natural disasters? Why or why not?

How should the County balance economic development and preserve quality of life?

Campaign Mailing Address PO Box 656
Estancia, NM 87016
Campaign Phone 910-988-5098
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Occupation Retiered Army Special Operations, Mayor Town of Estancia
Being born and raised in Torrance County (Estancia) gives me insight into local issues. I am retired Army with 25yrs in Special Operations. Most of my career was as a Special Forces Green Beret. A unique specialty of Green Beret is unconventional warfare- the ability to work by, with, and threw indigenous forces in a denied area. This experience gives me the ability to work bipartisan. I am the current Mayor of Estancia, NM. In my time in office, I have worked from the Town to the Federal level
Citizens Inalienable rights protected by the Constitution, water, roads, and a five-person County Commission. I will not sell out rights for funding or personal gain. I hope to work with the other commissioner to represent all of Torrance County.
The County needs to work with municipalities to provide 24-hour first responder (police, firefighting, and EMS) coverage.
Ensure that the water from the closed basin stays in the County.
The private facility should have governmental oversight and the contract must be a federal contract in order for the Town of Estancia to maintain its GRTs.
YES, without the County having an Emergency Manager and current plans in place, the Municipalities and citizens will not be able to effectively communicate in a disaster and it greatly limits Federal resources.
Economic development has to take into account water usage and accessibility through good roads. Quality of life depends on first responders’ coverage.
Campaign Phone 505-705-5084
I am a lifelong resident of Torrance County Commission Dist. 3. I ran for the office of Torrance County Clerk and won in 1997. My Deputy and I held the office for 25 years. As County Clerk I am ex-officio Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners and keep all records of proceedings of the Commission. I receive the same packet as the Commissioners. In the 25 years as County Clerk, we attended over 600 Meetings. This gives me firsthand knowledge of the duties of County Commissioner.
My top priority are the needs of my constituents in Torrance County. I am a people person. I plan on attending meetings throughout the county to keep up with issues and also one on one with constituents to hear their concerns.
We have our Sheriff's Department, Fire Departments, Emergency Manager Department and 911 Dispatch, all who work diligently to ensure public safety for all our county citizens. They are in constant training as per their presentations to the Commission.
Most definitely! Water is life. We must protect it at all costs. I will work closely with our soil and water conservation districts in the preservation of our water resources. I will keep a very close eye on who is attempting to export water out of our water basin.
I have not been in the Torrance County Detention facility. As ex-officio Clerk to the Commission I have heard all the testimony of those in favor of closing the prison and heard the Commissioners responses. There are allegations of inhumane treatment of those being detained at the prison. I am not an eyewitness of the alleged violations. At this time, I cannot support any steps to be taken in regard to the prison.
The county does that through the Emergency Manager in cooperation with all county agencies and state agencies. There is constant training in the different natural disaster scenarios that might occur. As Commissioner I plan on being a part of the trainings provided and attending meetings for the purpose of playing a significant role in the event of a disaster.
What comes to mind are our Land Grants and their rich heritage, our National Monuments, our Manzano Mountains and the lifestyles of those who have chosen to remain here because of the rural nature of our county. I feel we can maintain the balance you speak of by careful planning and input from our communities where economic development is concerned.
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Campaign Mailing Address PO Box 36
Estancia, NM 87016
Campaign Phone 505-705-0349
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Occupation Retired
Having worked for Torrance County for 26 years has given me the understanding and ability to know how things work for each department, constituents needs and budgetary abilities to meet the needs of the County.
Priority is going to be County roads. I have a plan in motion if elected which would allow constituents to apply for County roads to be added to the road maintenance schedule. This would allow the constituents the ability to be part of the decision making process.
I believe employee retention is key to improving public safety. Along with training and the tools needed to do the job safely will help everyone in these fields of work.
Water is key to sustainable growth and development. I believe that County government should be aware of the needs and wants of both the availability and quantity but also let the constituents be heard concerning how it is used effectively to better understand what is needed more than what is wanted.
Torrance County does not have a facility to house it's detainees so I believe that it is right for the County now to house it's detainees there than having to transport them. Commissioners should be better informed about what is occurring at the facility and work closely with it's partners of the facility to make it more transparent and accountable.
The County had always been the first response to such events. Working alongside with State and Federal agencies has always been top priority and I believe the County has done a good job in times of disaster and recovery efforts.
Torrance County is rural and agricultural by nature and those long standing traditions need to be adhered to. Working with our local jurisdictions to balance economic development that helps both the county and cities, villages and land grants helps everyone in the end. Quality of life is best for everyone when they work together for the betterment of the County as a whole.