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Bernalillo County Commissioner District 2

Member of a five-person commission that is responsible for the county government budget, county ordinances and resolutions, and zoning and business regulation in unincorporated areas, and sets policy for the operations of county government. Elected for a four-year term with no more than two terms in succession.

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    Frank A Baca

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    Mary Kay Ingham

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    William J Walker

Biographical Information

What abilities do you have that qualify you for this office?

What is your top priority, and how do you plan to address it?

What more can the County government do to improve public safety?

Should County government do more to address water availability and quality? If so, what would you support?

Should Bernalillo County increase coordination with the City of Albuquerque to address housing issues?

What more, if anything, should be done to improve coordination of behavioral health services in the county?

How can Bernalillo County improve the quality of life for its residents?

Campaign Mailing Address PO Box 72609
Albuquerque, NM 87195
Campaign Phone 505-400-5588
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Occupation Attorney-retired
I am a life-long resident of the district. I have been active in the community all of my adult life. I am the founding board president of the Rio Grande Development Corp/South Valley Economic Development Center. I have been involved in many initiatives related to education and infrastructure over my entire career. I am a retired attorney with the time and energy to do the job!
Substance abuse is rampant and is the cause of a great deal of the crime and homelessness we encounter daily in this community. The County receives approximately 30 million per year from the 1/8 of one percent gross receipts tax which needs to be applied and spent efficiently. Recipients of the funds need to be held accountable. I am a proponent of utilization of trained social workers to connect the resources to the need.
Utilize the available funding in an efficient manner as well as fully fund the Sheriff's Dept and continue to encourage the use of licensed social workers.
Clean water is a basic right. It is also a finite resource. Smart planning for utilization is important to ensure access to an adequate supply for generations to come. It is always a matter of collaboration and dialogue-I would encourage dialogue among the respective governments and the Water Authority.
This is a community-wide issue and should be coordinated with all the stakeholders. It is not a City v. County matter! We all live in the same community. I would encourage weekly meetings with staff and elected officials to ensure that we do not duplicate services and to support existing initiatives by each governmental entity.
Quality of life projects are important, e.g. parks, bicycle and walking trails, community centers etc. However, people also need to feel safe! Therefore, I would support increased funding for law enforcement as people need to be held accountable and for social workers to try to reduce repeat criminal and anti-social behavior.
Campaign Mailing Address 2516 Chanate Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87105
Campaign Phone 505-249-7542
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Occupation Pediatric Physical Therapist
I rely on my Biblical worldview and faith in Jesus Christ to make informed decisions and to relate to people. I worked as a Pediatric Physical Therapist for 46 years and learned so much from NM children with disabilities and their families. We walked and often swam through their great challenges together. I have provided kindness, compassion, and encouragement. I know how to work with others to solve complex problems and improve the quality of people's lives.
Decrease government regulations, impositions, burdens, and taxes to allow all businesses and their employees to thrive. A prosperous, productive middle class drives economic progress for everyone in the county.
Push to close the Southern Border and stop the overwhelming flow of illegal drugs, human trafficking, and cartel activities that are increasing in NM due to greater control in our neighboring states. Support the dismantling of the large scale, well-organized movement of illegal drugs through ports of entry. End the Sanctuary County and City status that is a magnet for criminals and enable the Sheriff's dept. to focus on crime prevention, justice for victims and safety for law abiding citizens.
Yes. Southwest Bernco. has many small farms and provides much-needed, healthy food for people and animals. A consistent watering system must be established to support and encourage this valuable resource. Continue to support the planning, creative and proactive stance that the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority is just beginning. Encourage collaboration between all entities that protect and reuse our water resources.
Coordination is vital. Some loosening of zoning regulations, expansion fees, land use and reducing property taxes may provide more affordable housing. Housing planners need to go beyond "buildings" to include parks/recreation, and roads/infrastructure. Policies should incentivize vibrant and diverse businesses close by that increase property values and provide jobs. Pandemic policies have left food and business deserts, that have negatively effected neighborhoods.
Behavioral health centers as well as the services at the MDC should focus on true rehabilitation which requires education, job/technical training, work opportunities (i.e. farming/agriculture), training in parenting and other functional skills. Activities should be focused on personal responsibility and churches should be included in the behavioral health services to provide a faith-based component as well.
We have invested in new healthcare facilities, but are struggling to staff them. Bernco, needs to coordinate with the Legislature to find creative solutions to recruit and retain medical providers. People, particularly children with disabilities, should not need to travel out-of-state to receive specialty care. Bernco needs to improve recreational programs for people with disabilities, including veterans, and consider a special aquatic center in SW ABQ.
Campaign Phone 505-250-9459
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Occupation Retired Commander- Fire Department
I retired (5/2015) from Bernalillo County Fire Department as Battalion Commander and I also worked for Bernalillo County Finance as Senior Accountant and Treasurer Department as Accounting Officer for 9.5 years. Then went to the Fire Department. There I worked my way through the ranks to Batallón Commander whereas I retired. This gives me the Management Experience Finance/ Budgeting and Experience and Public Safety. Enable me to work effectively for the public
My top priority is Public Safety. The includes Fire Department, Sheriffs, MDC, Substance Abuse, JDC etc. To Fully fund the departments to meet the needs of the community and avoid deficits in the futures. i.e. Training, Personnel, Apparatus, equipment. Give Public Safety what it needs for the future. The public needs to have a government ready for them.
Being this is my top priority and I retired from Public safety this means a lot to my campaign. Public Safety NEEDS to have the best training, adequate personnel for response, Apparatus, equipment. This will give Public Safety what it needs for the future. With my background in Public Safet as Battalion Commander / Captain and Finance / Budgeting I can work with Management to get this done and meet these important needs for the future in Fire Department, Sheriffs, MDC, Substance Abuse, JDC.
Yes. we can always do more. We can invest into our community Future.
Yes. I support coordinating with the City Of ABQ
Being I worked with and Retired from Public Safety. we can always do more. Having partnerships with the city, State and other to help with Behavior health issues.
The County can improve by having additional awareness and education to help the public and visitors alike to meet and discuss the needs of our community then address them accordantly to improve life. We can do it together.