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Michigan House District 42

Duties: The Michigan House of Representatives shares responsibility with the Michigan Senate to enact new laws and amend or repeal existing laws.Qualifications: State Representatives may serve a maximum of three full terms. They must be at least 21 years of age and a registered voter in their district. There are 110 State House districts which are re-apportioned after each census.Term: 2 years

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    Justin Mendoza

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    Matt Hall

Biographical Information

EDUCATION: What should Michigan do, if anything, to 1) provide an equitable, quality public education for all students and 2) address the shortage of teachers?

ECONOMIC SECURITY: What policies do you support to help Michigan residents improve their economic positions?

ELECTIONS: What state policies do you support regarding Michigan elections, campaign funding and voting rights?

ENVIRONMENT/ENERGY: What actions or policies do you support to protect Michigan’s water, air and land for current and future generations? What is your position on energy efficiency and renewable energy?

SOCIAL JUSTICE: How would you address racial, economic, health and education inequities, including Michigan’s 23% of children and 17% of seniors living in poverty?

GUNS: What steps, if any, should be taken to curb gun violence in our communities?

Campaign Twitter Handle @@JustinDMendoza
Occupation / Current Position Advocacy Lead in U.S. Health Policy at Partners in Health
Education B.S., Biomedical Sciences ad Neuroscience, Central Michigan University, M.P.H., Health Policy and Regulator Affairs, Yale University
Qualifications and Experience Over my career, I have worked on legislation in 7 states and the federal government. As a coalition leader, I worked on the bipartisan No Surprises Act and the American Rescue Plan Act.
I believe we should invest in our public schools and ensure that taxpayer funding is not invested in private schools. Additionally, we should make investments in the schools that have struggled to get the resources needed, especially in low income and rural communities. We should also invest in mental health professionals and school social workers in our school districts.

To address our teacher shortage, we need to increase wages across the board, ensure our retirement benefits are a good investment and provide supplies for our teachers so they are not spending out of their own pockets to keep their classrooms stocked.

We need to raise the wage and ensure no wage gaps with Michigan employers. And we also have to block workplace discrimination that is still legal. That means codifying language under the Elliot Larson Civil Rights Act to protect sexual orientation and gender identity, that means ending our sub-minimum wage for tipped employees and people with disabilities, and that means ensuring our minimum wage gets to $15 per hour as quickly as possible. We also must reinstate Michigan’s prevailing wage laws, to set a level playing field for workers in the trades. We need to ensure people are protected from unexpected health care costs with coverage.
We need to follow the lead of the bipartisan election clerks who are already advocating for common sense reforms and issues around our elections. We have to make sure folks understand that they are already secure and fair, but emphasize that there are resources needed to keep them that way. These policies include: more time to process absentee ballots and more early voting.

Campaign funding-wise, Michigan should have public campaign funds for more positions. If public funds could be allocated to all offices, and paired with some more limitations on other donor classes, we could see a more accessible and responsive set of candidates.
Clean water is essential for Michigan’s future. We need to continue testing for PFAS, so we know the extent to which our communities are affected today. We need to support clean up efforts and require abatement by the companies who own any existing contamination sites. We also have to finish lead infrastructure. Many of our communities have proposed sites for aggregate mines, which have been linked to silicosis, asthma, and COPD among workers. I would support policies to limit aggregate mines in our communities. I support renewable energy infrastructure including more solar access in communities and private homes, and EV infrastructure.
All of our policies should be centered on offsetting disparities. That means our investments in health care should focus on community health workers and other community-based approaches, our tax policy should include expanding our earned income tax credit to help lift families out of poverty, our seniors should not be taxed on retirement income, and our educational system should be funded at a higher level, and not with public funds going to private schools that create a two-tiered educational system in our communities. I support rent control, automatic Medicaid enrollment, and ensuring no drug tests for benefits.
- Close loopholes in background check systems. - Oppose expanded concealed carry or automatic concealed carry policies (they should continue to require training and certification). - Make sure that Michigan maintains the ability to designate some areas as “gun free zones” including schools, places of worship, and government buildings. - Oppose stand your ground laws. - Amend or repeal Michigan’s pre-emption laws to allow local control over gun ordinances. - Gun storage requirements, and liability for gun owners if weapons are used in a crime due to a lack of safe storage.
Campaign Twitter Handle
Occupation / Current Position State Representative
Education BBA, Business Management & Public Administration, Cum Laude, Western Michigan University Juris Doctor, Advanced Constitutional Advocacy, Magna Cum Laude, WMU Cooley Law School.
Qualifications and Experience Constitutional Attorney; Chair of the House Tax Policy Committee; Michigan Manufacturing Association Legislator of the Year 2022
I recently voted to make the largest investment in education in Michigan history. The $20 billion school budget I supported included a record-high per-pupil foundation allowance of $9,000 per student, up $450 per student from the current year and more than $2,000 from a decade ago. I recently voted for a $500 Million House plan to help teacher recruitment and retention. I helped create Michigan Reconnect, the largest workforce education program in state history that has helped put over 100,000 Michigan workers, 25 and older, who do not have a college degree, on the path to earning an affordable associate degree or skilled trade certificate.
I served as an important check on two of the governor's more radical policies: her proposed 45 cent per gallon gas tax increase and her 40% tax hike on small businesses. Instead, I helped pass bipartisan legislation that made historic investments in education; expanded access to affordable childcare; created new career training programs that have put 100,000 Michigan workers on the path to higher paying careers; invested in roads, bridges, and clean water infrastructure; and funded our police WITHOUT RAISING TAXES. I even found common ground with the governor to achieve multiple tax cuts for small businesses.
I voted for legislation to restore people's confidence in our state's elections. This included requiring Voter ID to vote; banning the mass mailing of unsolicited absentee ballot applications; removing dead people and people who moved from the voter rolls; prohibiting private individuals like Mark Zuckerberg from funding elections; strengthening signature verification requirements; and making it a felony to knowingly commit fraud on an absentee ballot application.
I voted to dedicate $2 billion to upgrade Michigan’s infrastructure including repairing our water and sewer infrastructure and replacing lead service lines; fixing local roads and bridges; and investing in rural broadband. I support building a tunnel around Line 5 in the Mackinac Straits to protect the pipeline from any future incident. Line 5 is important to supplying 55% of the propane needed across the state and is essential to heating many Michigan homes and businesses. I support an "all of the above" energy plan and support natural gas exploration in our state. We must continue to invest in our electrical grid to make it more reliable.
My $2.5 Billion tax cut plan that passed the legislature raises the earned income tax credit to 20% of the federal credit, cuts the income tax to 4% and raises the amount of money you can earn tax free. I passed a plan that would eliminate most retirement income for seniors 62 and older. Unfortunately, more work needs to be done to get the governor to support these plans. I voted for a new law that will lower the cost of prescription drugs in our state by regulating pharmacy benefit managers that engage in practices that drive up costs. I voted for bipartisan auto insurance reforms that are starting to make auto insurance more affordable.
The Defund the Police movement is very dangerous and politicians who support this radical ideology threaten everyone's safety.

I backed a plan to recruit and retain more high-quality police officers, fully fund local county road patrols, provide our police with state-of-the-art equipment, and invest more in strengthening relationships between communities and law enforcement.

I voted to provide state funding for school safety officers for every school. I recently supported a bipartisan $500M plan that expands mental health support in schools. I also voted for a $300M plan to boost funding for our local law enforcement.