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Pennsylvania US Representative District 1

Description of office: The US Constitution requires that the House of Representatives be composed of Representatives from each state, elected in proportion to population. There are 435 members of the House of Representatives, with 17 Representatives allotted to Pennsylvania after the 2020 census. A US Representative must be at least 25 years old, have been a citizen of the United States for the past seven years, and be a resident of the state they seek to represent at the time of the election (though not necessarily the same district). The House of Representatives is responsible for introducing and voting on bills, resolutions and amendments, and for approving the budget. Representatives also serve on various policy committees. The House may send Articles of Impeachment of elected officials to the Senate and elects the President if there is a tie in the Electoral College.Term: 2 yearsSalary: $174,000Vote for ONE.Note: Flint Hill Rd is on the border of two districts. If you live in Lehigh County on Flint Hill Rd, you should be seeing US Representative District 7 and State Representative District 131, rather than US Representative District 1 or State Representative District 145. To see US Representative District 7 and State Representative District 131, use the following address: 2006 Flint Hill Road, Coopersburg, PA 18036.

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    Ashley Ehasz

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    Brian Fitzpatrick

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What issue(s) would you prioritize, and how would you work with others in government to get legislation passed and signed into law?

What will you do in office to ensure all eligible voters have equal access to free and fair elections?

What measures, regulations, or acts, if any, would you support to mitigate climate change?

How do you view the role of the US in responding to challenges facing the international community?

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Occupation Candidate
Education United States Military Academy (B.S.) and University of Oxford (MPhil)
Qualifications Former military commander, COVID-19 policy writer and CARES Act project coordinator, and Government & Public Service consultant
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Other websites Instagram: Ashley Ehasz
In Congress, I will fight for greater economic opportunity for PA-01, including increasing access to affordable housing and ensuring that the infrastructure bill is implemented in a fair manner. Additionally, I will work to increase our nation’s climate resilience, ardently fight for reproductive rights, and make our systems fairer by pushing for a permanent child tax credit and allow Medicare to fully negotiate for lower-cost prescription drugs. As the next representative of PA-01, I will always put the interests of my constituents first, and work with anyone, regardless of party, to move ahead reforms necessary to enable anyone, regardless of their background, to get ahead.
Protecting the right to vote and access to free and fair elections is essential to the health of our democracy. I fully support greater protections for our election system, such as the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. As someone who fought for the rights of others overseas, it is important to me to protect those same rights here at home. In Congress, I will work to ensure every voter has the ability to exercise their constitutionally-protected right to choose their elected officials.
The climate crisis presents an incredible opportunity to foster new economic growth here in Pennsylvania and across the country. Green energy jobs can be incentivized through partnerships between federal, state, and local governments. As a representative, I will push to end our reliance on fossil fuels, to include our military’s reliance upon them, and fight for increased protections for our water, land, and air. I will also advocate for more federal funds to be allocated to researching new technologies that can solve the challenges posed by climate change, and push for those dollars to return to communities like mine that have significant expertise in energy systems, and house world-class research institutions that can tackle the crisis.
As a combat veteran with nearly 13 years of service in the U.S. Army, I support President Biden’s Diplomacy-First agenda. However, with the rise of global threats from actors such as Russia and China, in both ground and cyber warfare, I believe the United States must continue to build partnerships and alliances around the globe. They may be of a military nature, such as NATO, or through humanitarian aid and economic development programs. Democracy must be protected at home and abroad, and a robust, world-wide presence is the best manner in which to do this.
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My top priorities would be combatting the opioid and addiction crisis by expanding access to treatment and providing resources (like in my bipartisan INTERDICT Act that was signed into law) for our law enforcement to stop the illicit flow of deadly drugs like fentanyl into our communities. We must also fix a broken Washington with a government reform plan that challenges career politicians: term limits for members of Congress, pass a budget or don’t get paid, and balance the budget. Finally, I will fight to expand economic opportunity, fight inflation and rising costs, and create an environment where our small businesses can invest, grow, and hire. As Problem Solvers Caucus Co-Chair, I believe in supporting good ideas, regardless of party.
We must restore faith in our elections and confidence in our institutions. It should be easy to vote and hard to cheat. That is why I authored H.R. 102, The Restoring Faith in Our Elections Act. My bill would require a photo ID in order to vote, require signature matching for absentee ballots, and ensure that only U.S. citizens are voting. I also support eliminating partisan gerrymandering, which causes lawmakers to focus on accumulating power rather than serving constituents and has contributed to the growing divide of partisanship that grinds the gears of government to a halt. We need independent, nonpartisan commissions to draw congressional maps and allow access to political party primaries for Independents or non-affiliated voters.
I authored the bipartisan MARKET CHOICE Act. My bill would reduce carbon emissions, help fund physical infrastructure, and eliminate the gas tax. This is a dynamic solution that would provide a practical way to mitigate climate change while creating long term financial solvency for the Highway Trust Fund. We cannot allow thugs like Putin and other foreign dictators to use energy manipulation for geostrategic leverage. For our national security, we must be energy independent and a net exporter to our friends and allies. That is why I support an all of the above approach to energy investment, including hydrogen, nuclear, solar, and wind, and expanded extension of tax incentives for investments in renewable energy and efficiency programs.
As a former FBI Special Agent, I have been critical of Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. We abandoned our friends who served alongside our brave men and women in uniform. Those of us who spent our entire career in the intelligence community and have served in the region, know our withdrawal was a grave mistake. Now, the world is watching how we react in Ukraine. As Co-Chair of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus, I strongly believe we must support the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and democracy and stand up to Putin’s brutal war of terror. We must also hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for its role in the COVID-19 pandemic, aggressive territorial actions against its neighbors, and human rights abuses.