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Spartanburg County Council District 6

Spartanburg County District 6 encompasses some of the more highly populated portions of the county west of Spartanburg, including Westview, Moore, Poplar Springs and the Westside of Spartanburg. The County Council consists of 6 members representing single-member districts. Members must be citizens of the United States and the State of South Carolina, at least 18 years old at the time of their election, residents of the district in which they are elected, and registered voters. Term: 4 years

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    Jessica Coker

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    Kesha Whitner

Biographical Information

What are the most important challenges facing your district of Spartanburg County and how do you propose to address them?

Please provide specific ways to address citizen concerns about increased traffic in residential neighborhoods and on Warren H. Abernathy Hwy and Reidville Road resulting from development in District 6.

How well do you think Spartanburg County has managed the COVID-19 response so far and would you do anything differently going forward?

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Contact Name Jessica Coker
Contact Phone (864) 680-3297
Campaign Website
Qualifications CPA Bachelor's of Science, Accounting Maters of Professional Accountancy, Taxation
Phone Number 864-680-3297
Currently, Spartanburg County is building a new courthouse. This massive project needs to remain on budget and on schedule. The pandemic has put the project behind schedule but it must remain on budget. My unique financial skills make me the right candidate to be able to analyze and set budgets.
I am not a roads expert but I know this area is an issue. I would get the opinions of the experts, but I do have the unique skill of being able to project needs. I know this area is going to see exponential growth and we need to plan for that. We don't want to "fix" it and then have the same issues in a couple of years. We need to find a long-term solution.
I think Spartanburg County has done well in response to COVID-19. I am the accountant for many small businesses who where affected by the state's shut-down order and it was devastating to witness. We need to let the business owners decide what's best for them and allow the market to decide what is appropriate. We do not need to legislate small businesses further or we will lose them. They are the most important factor in growing the economy of our area.
Contact Name Lekesa Kesha Whitner
Contact Phone (864) 641-9326
Contact Email
Twitter @lmiller411
Qualifications Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Associate in Arts, concentration in Computer Science, Forrester Center Board Chair, City of Spartanburg Planning Commissioner, Business and Professional Women State President, Spartanburg County Citizens Academy graduate. Spartanburg City Citizens Academy graduate, Grassroots Leadership Development Institute graduate, USC Upstate Dean Advisory Board, OneSpartanburg Advisory Board, AmeriCorps Alumni Member & Volunteer.
Phone Number 828-536-0901
Spartanburg is growing at an incredible pace—and that is a great thing. Our challenge will be facilitating that growth so that the businesses and housing developments that come to Spartanburg create a positive and sustainable impact for our people and our economy. Ensuring the quality of life for our current and future residents requires careful attention, not only to how quickly we grow, but also how we build the infrastructure and financial engines to sustain our efforts. I am committed to building a Spartanburg where our people can thrive. And it will be my fiduciary responsibility to maintain the adopted Capital Improvement Plan of 2021/25. (Each year council adopts a new 5 year plan)
This is not just about managing vehicles—it’s about how our people move—how they get to work, how they take their children to school, and how our people make it safely home at the end of the day. Population growth near Warren H. Abernathy and Reidville Rd requires us to make changes to the way we direct traffic. A big picture approach will help us anticipate future needs. I recommend a formal study by infrastructure experts, but there are a few steps we can consider today. We can start by having more synchronized and “adaptive” traffic signals that improve traffic flow. Reversible center lanes and variable speed limits will improve traffic flow at peak commute times and increase safety during these high volume times. Multiple connecting roads and into any communities will help decrease traffic jams and relieve the frustration our people feel as they navigate this area. Effective public transit is key. A plan for growth with the SPARTA public transportation system is a must.
We are living in a truly extraordinary time. But our community has come together beautifully. Our county council is doing a great job providing relief, but the effects of COVID on our people and our economy will require continued support. Below are specific things County Council can do: • Deploy federal relief funding (CARES Act, Families First Act, and Treasury Department tools) • Track additional federal stimulus legislation. • Maximize non-lending federal aid, as applicable, to businesses. • Advocate on behalf of business at the local, state, and federal levels to fill potential funding gaps, monitor the changing regulatory environment, and design programs to enhance business recovery. • Follow national and state guidelines related to the need for social mitigation, testing, and contact tracing to minimize new spread/reoccurrence. • Develop and disseminate ‘re-entry’ protocol/guide/checklist for business
I am guided by the mantra: “If you build the People, you Grow the Community!"