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Harrison Warrant Article 4

ARTICLE 4: Shall an ordinance entitled “Building Permit Ordinance” be adopted?From the town: "This has been a complete re-write of the ordinance to clear up language and make the process easier to understand and follow. Additions include a 10 foot sideline setback from your neighbor and a 30 foot height restriction. The sideline setback keeps minimal distance between properties to provide a buffer so no one accidentally builds on their neighbor’s property. It also allows someone to put up a ladder and paint their house without being on the neighbor’s land. The height restriction is for safety. This is the maximum height our fire department can reach. No one wants people stuck in a building they can’t escape from. Buildings built higher may also be subjected to very high insurance rates or no insurance coverage at all. There is an addition of a disability structures permit. This allows the code office to issue a permit for a disability structure (ex. a ramp) in specific circumstances without having to go to the planning board for approval."

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