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If elected to the Kittery School Committee my top priorities will be to help teachers and administrators incorporate tools and technology designed to increase student engagement, track progress, and help find gaps in understanding. I want to bolster and assist our project-based learning and other technologies in order to help kids contextualize the concepts. Making learning more vivid helps with, what cognitive physiologists call, encoding specificity.

With neurodiversity ranging from atypical to Autistic a single classroom, I believe we can create a system that meets each child where they, customize their learning path, and help bring them along in order to meet scholastic standards.

I'll work with the town council to increase teacher pay in order match neighboring towns. Many peer reviewed studies document and demonstrate the correlation between teachers' pay and student performance. If we want our students to reach their potential, they will need financially unencumbered teachers.
I'm a very approachable when respectfully presents a different perspective. We may not agree on every issue, but I listen with an understand that each individual leads a rich life that fosters a personal viewpoint. Compromises can only be made in the presence of empathy.

In my spare time I like playing video games, watching sports, scientific documentary/lectures, making and listening to music, and sitting on my porch while talking with friends.
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