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Durham Question 2

Part 2: Proposed Land Use Ordinance Update for the Historic District CommissionFrom the town: "In 2002 Durham created a historic district as part of its Comprehensive Plan and developed ordinances in accordance with that plan. In 2007 the Town appointed a Historic District Commission to support the ordinances. It is the mission of the HDC to identify, preserve and educate the town about its unique historical heritage. As outlined in Article 12 of the Land Use Ordinance, the purpose of the Historic District and Historic District Commission is “preserving, protecting and enhancing buildings and places or areas within the town which possess historical or cultural attributes and for the economic welfare of the residents and visitors to the town.”Durham's Historic District is located in the Southwest Bend area of town near the bandstand, where Route 136 (Royalsborough Road), Route 9 (Newell Brook Road) and Ferry Road meet. The Historic District includes properties on Ferry Road, properties on the river side of Route 9 for a short distance south from Southwest Bend, as well as properties on both sides of Route 136 for a short distance north from Southwest Bend.The Historic District Commission is responsible for reviewing all applications for a Certificate of Appropriateness for properties in the Historic District. The HDC reviews these applications for conformance to Article 12 of the Land Use Ordinance.The Durham Historic District Commission has asked that their membership be expanded from two alternate member positions to a total of four alternates. This will provide more opportunity for participation in the important work of the Commission.

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