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Blue Hill Referendum Question 3

Shall the Town authorize the Select Board to enter into a 20-year contract with RevisionEnergy, Inc. to provide electricity from a solar photovoltaic generation facility that will produce an estimated 80% of the Town’s annual electric usage, that will provide the Townelectric energy cost savings of 15% for that power, and that will have quantifiable environmental benefits?Explanation from the Town of Blue Hill: At the July 14 Secret Ballot Town Meeting, voters authorized the Select Board to“enter into contracts for the use of solar power for municipal structures”. Since that vote, the board has further explored solar power options. After lengthy conversations with RevisionEnergy, Inc., a Maine company with outstanding references and great experience in the solar energy field, the Select Board believes it would be in the town’s interest to enter into a power purchase agreement with Revision Energy by which an estimated 80% of the Town’s electric energy needs, including usage by the elementary school and the wastewater treatment plant, are met by solar-generated power. Doing so will provide a guaranteed cost savings of thousands of dollars a year over standard utility rates, as well as help reduce carbon emissions. The solar facility will be built and managed by Revision at a location of their choosing on land that they have secured for this purpose. The site will not be in Blue Hill. The Town will have no upfront capital costs and no ownership interest. The July 14th vote provided general authorization to the Select Board, but now that more details are available and given the length of the contractual obligation, the Board feels that it is appropriate to ask the Town for more specific authorization, which this warrant article provides.

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