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    Mary Shannon Lindstrom

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My top priorities for 2021 are:

Unification. I believe we have work to do to bridge the divide in Scarborough. Through listening and better communication, we can increase transparency. I believe Scarborough wants their elected officials to represent the entirety of the town, and we can only achieve that by working together. Now is the time to collaborate and work together.

School funding. I believe we must properly fund our schools to maintain robust programming that help our students thrive and excel during their formative years. I believe we can do this in a fiscally responsible manner by ensuring that budgeted dollars are are vetted through examining the effectiveness of previous spends and a thorough bidding process.

Teacher and staff support. I believe that we should strive to be an employer of choice for teachers and staff. This will allow us to attract, hire and retain the employees we need to maintain a high standard of excellence.
I have a Master of Science degree in Public Policy. In graduate school, I held an internship position with the national Jumpstart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, a nonprofit dedicated to preparing our nation’s youth for life-long financial success. My experience led me to advocacy work and an understanding that there is no greater tool in our children’s toolbelt than the education they receive. My career has been in the credit union movement, advocating for financial education and working closely with elementary, middle and high school partner schools. I could see firsthand the needs that arise when the school budget is tight. I will never forget one principal writing in a request for copy paper because the school had already gone through their budgeted amount and did not have enough to finish the school year. It was in this moment I realized we can always do better.

I would be honored to represent Scarborough on the Board of Education. A vote for me is a vote for we!