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My priorities if elected include: Fostering cooperation and participation in our community at all levels, because that’s what builds the relationships that tie us together. Improve the frequency and quality of communication between Rockland citizens and the local government. Focus on effective implementation to make small, realistic, action steps an integral part of every plan we commission and adopt. Addressing needs for affordable housing through every possible avenue to make sure our young folks, working families, and aging neighbors have safe, stable housing.
Since coming to Rockland, I’ve devoted hours and energy to community work, and whether elected to City Council, that won’t change. I believe in building the community you want to see by showing up and pitching in. I welcome everyone reading this to do the same, in the ways you are able. If you’d like to connect with me to share your concerns or ideas, please email! I would like to thank all the people who have inspired, encouraged, and volunteered to help me in this campaign. It’s not glamorous work, especially this year, and yet the number of folks willing to share time to register voters, address postcards, make signs, and work at the polls speaks volumes about how much Rockland cares.
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My number one priority is access to affordable housing and to change building codes to allow for intelligent ecological in building using innovative materials and approaches. Also of high concern is our children’s trauma response and educational infrastructure during the pandemic. Gentrification and Zoom town phenomenon needs to be addressed in its affects on the displacement of local people who have not had access to the same economies as this new influx of digital nomads. People with the privilege of owning properties in multiple states and using loopholes to avoid things such as excise tax by not registering their cars should be incentivized to pay into maintaining road infrastructure. The code for people to start at home businesses should be simplified to allow for the adaptation to new economic models.
Black life’s matter. I support a woman’s right to choose. I want a society where we can support each other‘s pursuit of our own potential and happiness.