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Westbrook Charter Amendment 2

Question 2. Shall the City of Westbrook approve the Charter amendment summarized below? Summary of amendment: To eliminate Section 7.2 of the Charter, which allows a political party caucus to nominate a candidate for municipal office, thus requiring all municipal candidates to file nomination petitions with the City Clerk after obtaining signatures of support from qualified voters and to add to Section 7.3 the existing prohibition on the inclusion of political party designation on the ballot for any municipal office. Notes: * Charter amendments require at least 30% of the voters in the last November election to vote either yes or no on the question in order for the change to go into effect.

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  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

* Westbrook is one of only 2 Maine municipality that uses party caucuses for local offices

* Caucuses are often poorly attended

* Caucuses may be more easily used by party insiders to influence which candidates get on the ballot

* May reduce partisanship in city governance
* Caucuses are an opportunity for city residents to meet candidates and one another and exchange ideas