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As an open minded community member passionate about teamwork and connection, I'm stepping forward to serve our community over these next 3 years. If elected, I would like to roll up my sleeves and help navigate this important new phase of accountability, to ensure (via clear measurable objectives) that our district is providing a rigorous, quality and equitable education to all of our students. Community (residents, teachers, staff and **students**) input will be of utmost importance. ​ I want to be a member on our School Board to vote YES for great curricula that supports teachers and students. I want to help craft and implement the objectives for our school's inspiring 2020-2025 District Plan Goals. I will embrace a positive and goal orientated approach in assessing the challenges & progress of our schools & students during 2020-2021 school year.
I believe that 100% remote instruction for students should continue to be offered, as an option, to families during the coronavirus pandemic regardless of medical needs.

Community involvement is at the heart of what makes Cape Elizabeth, Maine so special. If elected, as a member on our School Board, I will honor our commitment to education, help ensure all students have access to academic achievement, continue our much needed conversations about race & diversity, and expand our community involvement with clear open communication. I would like our School Department to consider adding a volunteer coordinator to the school district and take necessary steps to keep the Achievement Center available to all students.
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My top priorities for 2021 are:

• Supporting students and staff as we safely return to fulltime in-person learning

• Prioritizing and budgeting for critical facilities upgrades

• Ensuring our curriculum is accessible all learners and reflects the diversity of the world

As we continue to navigate operating during the pandemic, we also need a solid roadmap for the future. I am willing to work hard, ask tough questions and make informed choices to ensure our schools achieve the high standard set by our community.
I have been a Cape Elizabeth resident and active volunteer in our schools and community since 2011. I am the parent of a 2019 CEHS graduate and a CEHS Freshman. As a candidate for school board, I bring 20 years of experience as a technology professional and project manager, with a focus on thoughtful planning, clear communication and steady leadership.