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Continue to work for city-wide broadband through the strategic plan we’ve created. We’ve known for a long time that there are large digital divides in our community and the pandemic has only driven that home further. Everyone in our community deserves consistent and accessible access to the internet in order to reach and maintain a high quality of life.

Continue to support the results of the transit study including longer hours and fixed stops. Our community has long called for extended hours on the bus and fixed stops and I believe both of those are necessary to continue to grow our city. Having a solid and dependable transit system is key to keeping our citizens safe and connected to all the resources they need.

Continue to support implementing the results of the housing study including changes to code and zoning to increase our affordable housing stock.
I'm proud of the work that's been done in my first three years as a Bangor City Councilor and I would be honored to be re-elected to help continue that work.
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1) Racial Equity: Our community expressed a persisting and genuine interest in addressing the racial inequity in our school system and city. I would support initiatives that call for a constructive dialogue among our community’s stakeholders to address issues of diversity, racism and equity. 2) Economic Growth: The pandemic has put a strain on our economy. I want to prioritize this issue and join efforts to help revive our economy, especially the downtown area by supporting our local businesses, listening to their concerns and working to meet their needs. I will also encourage investing in cultural activities and events once the pandemic starts to recede. 3) Public Services and Housing: I would work hard with other city councilors to continue their efforts of improving the city’s infrastructure including the transportation system, side walks, and trails. I want to work on applicable solutions for the homelessness problem, and the opioid crisis.
Since moving to Bangor, I dedicated my time to working for social and economic justice through many local nonprofits. I would like to continue to give back to the city that I wholeheartedly call home. I am proud of Bangor's resilience in the face of Covid and want to build on our strengths. I am someone who connects easily with other people of different backgrounds and interests, and a good listener. I am compassionate, and devoted to serving my community. My social work background, training, and experience gave me the skills to understand the serious issues that our community struggles with. I am ready to devote my time, energy, and experience to working on the City Council to make Bangor welcoming and supportive to all its residents, and to address the persisting issues of homelessness, and substance use while also focusing on economic growth and improving infrastructure. I believe that when we address the needs of the disadvantaged, we uplift the whole community.