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Windham Town Council East District

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    Harrison Deah

  • Bret Jones

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My top priorities for 2021 is addressing the rapid growth and developing that Windham is experiencing. We have witnessed the town deal with the inevitable pressure which occur in growing and changing communities and I am committed to tackling these issues to ensure Windham is the best place it can be for families, businesses and workers. More specifically, I would argue that Windham is at an Impasse and needs a new approach to the pressing issues we face. In dealing with inevitable growth, environmental impact must always be considered. Studies and research should be conducted to maximize the utilization of our space while having minimal impact on our resources. We need to make a real effort to increase our tax base, while actively pursuing businesses that pay their employees livable wages. We must create an atmosphere that is business friendly and work on developing the vital infrastructures needed to attract the businesses that we need.
We live in very polarizing times and common-sense issues have divided us across party lines. That polarization has, at times clouded our judgement in making important decisions affecting the future of this town that we all so love. While gathering signatures, I was fortunate enough to meet and hear from the wonderful citizens of this town across all districts. They shared their dreams and fears, their aspirations and concerns. Residents are worried about rapid growth, increasing taxes and having a town council that listens and take their concerns seriously. I believe in transparency and the ideal that our town government is here to serve our residents. We won’t always agree, but we can tackle all of our challenges with respect and collaboration. I want to make government work for every member of this community. In order to achieve this endeavor, it will take all of us working together, regardless of politics to ensure a shared sustainable future for our growing community.
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