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Denver Ballot Issue 2I Clarify Language about Appointments in Clerk and Recorder Office

Referred Measure 2I: Clarify Language about Appointments in Clerk and Recorder OfficeTitle A bill for an ordinance submitting to a vote of the qualified and registered electors of the City and County of Denver a proposed amendment to the Charter of the City and County of Denver concerning a clarification to the Clerk and Recorder's appointments.Background: The 2018 election had a charter amendment that allowed the Clerk to appoint certain positions. This language was considered ambiguous as the positions were about to be filled. The Clerk looked to other city departments, especially the City Auditor's office, for a model. This Charter amendment will make the structure of the Clerk’s office similar to that of the Auditor's office.Major Provisions: Clarifies language in the Charter regarding which department heads are appointees and which are career employees. Specifies that the Clerk has the authority to appoint up to four department heads in addition to the Deputy Clerk. Current charter language gives the Clerk and Recorder authority to appoint two positions to serve as directed without the roles being proscribed in the charter.This leaves some positions of equal rank as civil service and some as appointments. The amendment would give the Clerk authority to make four appointments. These are also not proscribed, but the Clerk envisions having four department heads as appointees: 1) Records, 2) City Clerk and Compliance, 2) Elections, and 4) Public Trustee. Later budgeting concerns and work requirements will determine whether all five positions are filled or not.

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  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

Those in favor say:

-This will clarify language regarding which department heads are appointed versus hired as career employees.

-It will give the Clerk flexibility in staffing. The Clerk currently has four department heads. The fifth appointment allowed by this amendment would be available if the need arises and if the Council approves the budget.

-It will eliminate the differences in the status of department heads. Currently some are career employees and some are appointees.

Proponents: City Council
Opponents: No organized opposition.