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Colorado Supreme Court Judicial Retention

Shall the judge be retained in office? YES or NO.The Colorado Supreme Court is composed of seven justices who are appointed by the governor and then must stand for retention by voters thereafter. A full-term on the court is 10 years. Retention elections take place during Colorado's general elections, which are held every two years in even-numbered years.When is an Election not an Election? There are no other candidates. There are no campaigns before the election. The purpose of your vote is to determine whether the judge is doing a good job and should continue to serve the public. In Colorado, a State Commission evaluates Judges to determine if a judge “meets” or “does not meet” performance standards. Appellate Judge Performance Criteria: Integrity, Legal Knowledge, Communication Skills and Administrative Performance.Two Supreme Court Justices up for retention on this ballot.(A ballot question will appear to retain each judge individually.)Justice Melissa HartJustice Carlos A Samour JrSummary of Performance Scores for the Supreme Court Justices, go to Judicial Performance Dashboard 2020 Performance Scores. To view the Performance Scores of all judges on the ballot, go to 2020 Evaluations.Delivered to each residence, the Colorado Legislative Blue Book has the Judicial Performance Summaries for all judges up for retention on your ballot.Los nombres de los jueces sí aparecen en la papeleta electoral durante las elecciones generales. Sin embargo, la única pregunta que sehace es: ¿deberá conservar el juezsu cargo? No hay otros candidatos,ni campañas antes de la elección.El propósito de su voto es el de determinar si el juez está haciendoun buen trabajo y si debería seguirsirviendo al público. Los CJPE ofrecen a los votantes información sobre el desempeño judicial de cadajuez para así, ayudarles con su decisión al emitir su voto.Folleto de informaciónde balota estatal 2020.

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